In Today's News: Promoting Married Women To Cheat!

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The part where the news states that “your kids may even thank you for it” made me throw up all over my keyboard. Is this what females are being taught in the US education system these days? Since cheating for women seems to be good, then is cheating for men good too? Cheating is wrong in my opinion.

Discuss (without stairs).

Prepare to be divorced Husbands.

well it’s been shown that unhappily married people are generally bad parents so it’s pretty logical to conclude that leaving a bad marriage would make you a better parent.

Leaving as in getting a divorce is logical, cheating is backstabbing.

if you don’t cheat in your marriage then the terrorists have won.

oh thats hilarious. Men are cheating dogs, and women are just desperately searching for a way to be a better parent.

The only reason you’d consciously put a child through a marriage- and family-destroying affair is if you want the adult industry to have a bright future.

i don’t care enoough to find the actual article, but from the link you posted it seems to be steering people in bad marriages to get divorces for the sake of the kids, which is a good thing.

That does seem what the article is about, but that’s not what the name of it is. It says can a cheating spouse be a good parent? Depending on the contents the title is probably just really misleading.

Fuck stairs, it’s the right time of year: balcony.

it’s hilarious how right Aldous Huxley was about the future, there’s even alcahol/drug with no side effects like the “Soma” Huxley was talking about. and wow to him believing it would take a couple of hundred years but instead starting to happen two decades after the book was released :rofl:

im just watching everyone and laughing, I don’t even believe anyone can do anything no one changes unless they have to or it’s part of a movement that seems interesting to them.

“yeah married women CHEAT! it’s not the quality of life you and your husband have been ushered into instead of forging it yourselves it’s YOU”. and this process will carry on till each couple/person has passed on, what a sad existence

So I guess this makes what reason 9352 not to get married?

Naw, you still can get married but make sure the woman is a high quality woman and not a gold digger or a skank. These days those type of women are getting harder to find but there are still plenty of them out there. Now, if you’re a high roller, don’t even think of getting married unless you get a pre-nup. Yeah, it ain’t romantic but why should she hit the lottery after you’ve done all the hard work? Real talk–she leaves with the same financial assets she brought into the marriage and any joint purchases or properties attained during the marriage are even divided.

Alimony? She manged to support herself when she was single, why does she need to get some money from a man she’s no longer married to? You want to continue to get money from him? Well, stay married to him then.


Women should get ready for the subsequent beatings after they cheat.

at least if she cheats before the devorce the man doesn’t owe her 50% of everything he has…

“Oh, girlfriend, you know he wasn’t giving you what you needed. He should have been more attentive! Why, he practically forced you to cheat. This is all his–” No. Stairs.

Stairs stairs stairs stairs stairs stairs stairs stairs STAIRS.


Nah… it’s only wrong if you’re the one not getting sex.

But seriously, who the fuck still wants kids and marriage? While you take care of the kids I’ll take your “wife” out for pizza and fuck - not necessarily in that order. You pay the mortgage and I’ll get her a slice of pepperoni with extra sausage.

If you don’t teach your kids how to cheat properly, they’ll be the ones who are taking care of their kids while their “significant other” gets all the fun. If you love your kids, you’ll make sure they don’t suffer this fate.

Fools. This is the way of the world. No more secrets for today.

This stairs shit is fucking corny anyway cheating is wrong,it’s never justified my stepdad cheated, many times.Karma is a bitch tho she gave that nigga a major stroke.Left arm doesn’t work,left leg is slow,now he’s trying to make up for his wrong doing.I think marriage is rushed into a lot of the time and that’s why they fail,these couples don’t know each other well enough yet.