In the lab with Tony: Stark industries tech support

Ironman shouldn’t be without a tech thread seeing that he’s the king of tech… so here we are:

  1. Fhp has no pushback when the opponent is in the corner.
  2. Smart mines bounce off the side of the stage if you have the opponent cornered and will fall on top of the opponent.
  3. Ground fly>airdash jlk is a very good offensive maneuver it has lots of range and is very fast.
  4. H Smart mines> Airdash jlk is a good way to setup for the box jump jlk because the smart mines will protect tony
  5. Fhp> fly is a good way to initiate flight from far away if you have an opponent locked down from far
  6. Ironman doesn’t need to wavedash because his dash is a run if you hold forward and will cross the screen very quickly.
  7. Ironmans ground flight offense is very good, very hard execution but he has nice confirms and resets from grounded flight combos.
  8. Fhp>smart mine is a decent way to cover the ground and air against a defensive opponent
  9. Airdash back jhp>smart mines is a good way to gain distance from the opponent to setup for a boxdash jlk after you recover from the mine
  10. Jump/Superjump back>DF airdash jlk is a big part of Tony’s pressure up close.
  11.,st.hp xx fly, jhk xx L repulsor x3, dash,cr.hp is a good combo starter. End it with an easy jhp>airdash jhk, then choose between backdash>super for the lockdown into a tag mixup, or dash forward st.hp xx super to cash in for about 6k damage (yes this isn’t perfectly optimal, make up your own enders after the first cr.hp if you want)
  12. During any ground fly combo you can mixup between fly airdash down, or fly airdash forward wiff jump attack and land on the other side of your opponent for a sneaky crossup, can also do a simple fly jhk to hit a crouching opponent, though it’s a bit slow.
  13.,st.hp xx fly is one of his better confirms for safety, but it lacks range.

I haven’t seen anyone talk about or utilize this yet so I thought I’d share it.

If you are near the corner and use Iron Man’s wall bounce repulsor ray ender for the second time in a combo, the opponent can not tech roll. This allows you to tag in a setup character (for example RR or Jedah) and force meterless lock down on your opponent’s wake up.

HSD Glitch setup

A Pressure String/Hitconfirm I have been working on