In the beginning was the Frame but Before?

Good day Everyone!

I am casual player of the fighting games, but I having a really great time going deep into complexity of this genre.

At same point I have realized that I want to pay a tribute to it. I have a plan of making yet another series of videos about fighting games lol. But for historical part I am struggle to find any information about:

•  When "Frame data" term was appeared and started to use by the community?
• What resource was published them first or at least the most popular? 
• Did "Frame data"  term use during the Arcade Age or  it comes after it?
• When did you  faced with the term first? 

I understand that it is probably too difficult or even impossible to answer some of this questions. But I wanted to thank anyone who will provide even small portion of information or spent their time providing some tips.

Best regards,