In search of a Korean Stick

I’ve seen the Saulabi’s on play asia but are they really any good? I keep seeing the poor feedback on how they were defective and what not.

ALso Saulabi’s have a myoungshin stick in them by default?

Just wondering. I could careless how the buttons feel as long as they are responsive but definitely want to make sure the stick is ok.

Salubi’s have crappy stock parts. The myoungshin parts in them are of inferior quality to the parts that they sell to arcades.

What you want to do is by a Salubi and mod it with legitimate Korean arcade parts. I believe laugh sells these parts for a good price on the Trading Forum.

The Saulabi you want (Saulabi 4K, PS3/PC) comes with mediocre buttons and a 50-50 chance of either a microswitched (good) or leaf-switched (bad) Myoungshin Fanta stick. Though maybe that 50-50 is for even older ones; anyway –

Changing the stick is easy as pie; it uses 3/4" QDs & you just buy a Fanta stick (or even a Crown balltop) from Paik4Life or laugh and pop the sucker in there.

If you want to change the buttons, there’s an excellent tutorial in the stickies. If you don’t want to buy a set of new buttons, Sanwa SW-68 microswitches will fit the Saulabi stock buttons too.
is this one pretty modable or no?

Check thread on SDTekken: Link

Modding appears to be not recommended.

Stick with the Saulabi for powerful game.

it says
"For those of you who love stick modding and upgrading parts, this stick is perfect for you."
so it **is ** recommended haha

I’m pretty sure this is the stick they use for the NSTARGAME League on OGN. I would assume it’s decent if it’s been used for an e-sports league.

[media=youtube]RfEOaGTMB8M#t=16m40s"[/media] you can see the stick and that is Poongko in the second match.

And down in the comments, it says the exact opposite - laugh recommends against.
Remember, the post was partially sponsored by, so I think they had to be “diplomatic” about it :sweat:

Man I just love how reliable the internet can be. I’m half surprised they didn’t delete laughs comment too. What a lame move.

ahh good shit.
Generally a lot of times I don’t even read those comments on shit like that cuz I’m so use to stuff like “FIRST!” “SECONDED” "MICROSOFT SUCKS"
from sites like joystiq and etc

anyone know where i can get a ps2 Saulabi?

Talk to laugh. He regularly ships things from korea to America. He tends to give really good deals too considering how expensive shipping must be for him.