In responce to kai's quitting fuerte

I am sorta embarrassed to get called out like this from such a high level player… Fuerte is the character I am best with… but after reading his post, I wonder if I’m really good, or if I am just a scrub in the pond of scrubs who just don’t know their matchup… am I winning because I’m calling what they’re doing? Or because they just have no clue what to do…

I’ll be frank, I suck at ssf4 lol. I can rsf 3-4 times, but never go more than twice in a match online… Fuerte is so fun, I will not stop playing him! But I gotta heed this call to add some tools to my arsenal.

So I’m going to work on building pokes to combo… Looking at fuerte’s trials, I see his light kick standing or crouching can combo to his medium kick, which can open up some toe to toe fun via rsRAPE. I was practicing and after a short session was able to get combo… This looks promising and I’m going to build on this.

I’d like any tips though, for some basic bnb combos that can be build from basic pokes. Can a crouching or standing jab build to anything? Or should I use his lk as a close range poke? (it’s the option throw tech anyway…) what about med range? in the rsf he said the standing mp has longer range than crouching mk, is this good to start some combos from? Or is this mainly for block strings and keeping pressure?

Anyway, obviously I’m gonna be watching some vids ect, but I figured anyone could throw some input for me here ^^ I dedicate myself to be a better fuerte ^^

Excellent yarn, old boy.

These questions can be answered in General forum and in the Matchup forum.

But for the sake of not sounding like a jerk;

Far Standing MP can be used as a poke, but it’s best for slapping Blanka Balls and Sumo Headbutts.

Fuck, clearly I’m not as good as I thought.

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k so idk who knows what and what not… but I just figured this trick out. ~ run stop ~ ~ run slide. Pretty easy compared to the rsf for some decent damage starting from a poke (or option tech) for overhead poke / advance :slight_smile:

please share your thoughts in General discussion. thanks =)