In NEC pool with

in pool with training partner zeus the god… bad… if i win… sad. if i lose. sad n mad. already feel bad im holding one thing back from him. this sucks
fucking pool RANDOM pics. random my ass.

Sorry to hear that. Don’t let it shake your focus though.

Best of luck!

psh 25th last year. craptacular this year. dropped the winning combo into super (which i can do blind 100 times in a row) on the training partner to weaksauce. (guile). was mindfucked in irritation from there and last to a gief later since i no longer could be patient and just told him i was gonna ultra (which i did).
and no the gief wasnt that hot to me. i rumbled aquasilk awhile so no that gief (also part of weaksauce crew)was blah in comparison. i mind fucked cjtruth in casuals too. not very organized there but im pretty sure it was WAYYY more people than they expected and some people were really delaying it by not being there when their name was called immediately.

Only upside to it all is like last time i became able to do a link i could never ever do prior to the tourny. so i guess if i lose a few more tournies ill be able to do it all lol.
gonna finish my last NEC left over beer and take a hour nap before work

well, it happens to drop a combo that usually give you no problem. And it bothers me a lot, too. MUCH more than losing… so I understand you perfectly!