In-Depth Matchup Discussion: C. Viper

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Quote or point out the good/useful info and I’ll link that post in this first post for easy reference.**

U2 seems to be the preferred Ultra here.

Can autocorrect to catch her out burn kick shenanigans, juggle into U2 hurts her thanks to low health.

If you can predict a regular seismo, EX MGB will you in her face unless she did a closer seismo and hits you during the dash.
She can’t whiff burn kicks for meter when she’s on the other side of the stage if you have EX meter.

burnkicks can be empty ducked, but switch it up with blocks and Focus absorbs to not be predictable.

Viper’s like Akuma, plays keep out until knockdown.
CrossCounter is viable in this MU imo

dont get hit by seismo and learn how to block, in this MU both characters punish hard.

dont forget about safe jumps, dont do them all the time since there’s always meaty c.LK f.MK and f.HP.

  • Despite viper having rather poor footsies for the most part, she can still out-footsie Dudley. They particularly look to cancel cr. MK into the forward thunder knuckle since Dudley can’t reliably punish it on block. If you get put in the corner, the thunder knuckle pressure becomes very hard to deal with.

  • Block low a lot as you walk forward so as not to get hit by those seismos.

  • EX MGB can punish her feints from full screen, but a smart Viper can bait this out and punish pretty easily (by just blocking, or doing a close seismo), so use it sparingly.

  • Ducking can be invincible to burn kicks depending on timing. So you can set up some nice cross unders with it or use it to wake up safely on reaction burn kick mix ups.

  • Cross counter is definitely a viable option like thirty four says, but they start looking to bait it quickly once hit by it, so be sure to pick your spots.

  • Standing FP can beat ex seismo most of the time since the active part of the seismo comes out too late, and FP’s active frames outlast the siesmo’s invulnerability frames. Depending on the timing, you can also beat Ex seismo by chaining some crouching jabs.

  • Jump back FP is great on reaction for when Viper does just about anything in the air.

  • This is a match up where trying to trade anti air LP jet upper for juggle combos works out nicely.

  • Stand MP will stop a shocking amount of jump ins, including ones that look like they have crossed up too far.

  • A few of Viper’s midscreen juggle combos into ultra do not work on Dudley the way they do on other characters. Not really much that you have control of over that one, but it is good to remember sometimes.

  • I go ultra 2 for the extra combo damage against her low health.

  • meaty FP/F FP trades with her uppercut Thunder Knuckle.

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head.


Any other options to escape Seismo chains, other than Focus and Ducking?


Not that it’s a big deal, but the reason I suggested the format “… Vs. ______” is because people can immediately tell what the thread is about when viewing the character forum list. I think that helps when you want a variety of people contributing to your matchup topic. I would have at least put it first, and the subtitle second.


I don’t think ducking works, unless Seismo is classified as projectile and I didn’t know.

I’ve been seismo’d out of ducking more times than I’d like to admit so yeah don’t do that.

seismo hits low and I think it counts as a physical attack
Viper and Ibuki are annoying to get in on because of their "projectile"s

Yeah, Ibuki kunai is some bullshit. If I can ducking through Cody’s rocks why not through Ibuki’s knife? Dumb!


lol, don’t know why I thought it did. I guess I just assumed, since Seismo is largely considered a projectile.

seismo isn’t a projectile its a distance based physical attack. Reversal seismo breaks focus.

f+MK / Ultra 2 Option Select is beautiful

watch out for OS baits

dont recommend using OS’s vs viper asides from safe jumps, meaty c.LK, f.MK and jabs since she has EX siesmo feint, EX siesmo, EX burn kick, Burn kick, HP Thunder Knuckle, and back dash as wake up options.

there’s no 1 way to beat them all either

Vipers love throwing EX seismo out on wakeup and it’s invicible to maybe then block. I personally don’t like this fight, I almost always lose.


So flame kick counts as a projectile? Duck out of burn kick mix ups. EX Seismo might be able to tag duck in recovery.