Imursive Gaming Amarillo, Texas

Theres thus new gaming place here in town that’s going to do a SSFIV tourney and gaming league. We need a minuim of 8 or max of 12 people to get the date set and the tournament started. It’s goin to be double elimination. If you’re interested look up imursive gaming on Facebook for details and info. It’d be really nice to get a good group of guys hung to this.

I wouldn’t mind this as I live in amarillo and I grow increasingly tired of playing online for a number of reasons.

Yeah same here. I have fun playing online with my friends, but it sucks at times when we have a bad connection and I drop combos I never drop in practice mode. Awesome, email the owner at imursive to let him know you’re interested so he can get it set in motion.

what is the email address?

If you can?t make it to Arkansas this Saturday?

A.R.K. III ? Conway, AR - 4/2/11

?then come on down to Central Texas!
UCC Proving Grounds ? Killeen, TX - 4/2/11***-ucc-***-proving-grounds-mvc3-ssfiv-central-texas-4-2-11-%24200-bonus-267462/

So you got no gas for Arkansas, but enough for CenTex, then please come through. Plus, it’ll also be UCC sanctioned! :tup:
This will be streamed and they have internet connection, so if you want to bring your own laptop to watch the A.R.K. III stream, YOU CAN!

Information provided in the link(s) above. Thanks.


Spoke with hotel again today and if you are getting a room for the UCC Championship, you better reserve it NOW. We blocked off a floor of suites all next to one another and they gave us a smokin deal on them. Two beds plus a couch, 2 big CRTs, a kitchen with a stove, fridge, and microwave. Check the first page of this thread for contact info and make sure to mention that you are with the Video Game Tournament

‘UPPER’-Cut Circuit Championship***ucc***-upper-cut-dallas-tx-may-6-8-%241000-ssf4-%24500-marvel-evo-trips-260281/

Went to one of their game nights, people were great, we just need more players!

Do yall still play?

I’m pretty new to the game and I’m looking for a


think you might find a amarillo fgc group on facebook i would check amarillo streetfighter our amarillo fgc some shit like that i doubt there is a scene still but you never know


Hey sorry i’ve been away from srk for a bit but we do have some guys that get together for some fight nights and stuff pretty regularly here in amarillo. I run the page amarillo street fighters on facebook. the reason I didn’t post much is that we all knew each other and really didn’t need a forum to discuss anything. but since it looks like thats all changing.

sup i chated with you on facebook glad to have you back man now i need to get levelland on srk and some other citys for west texas time to unify n gay stuff