Improving KI! A Suggestion Thread

Greetings to all the KI dudes!

I wanted to centralize the discussion of some of the criticisms and concerns some people might have over this game into a single thread and provide a outlet for constructive and productive feedback on ways this game can improve. If you do not like the game then please do not waste time posting disparaging remarks to the game or to the fans of it and likewise if you already enjoy the game as it is then please don’t waste time getting defensive. This isn’t intended as a rage or complaining thread but rather just a dialogue between fans of the game who would like to see things either changed or improved.

With that said lets get the ball rolling on things you feel DH could do to improve KI?

Having lobbies with spectating and doing something to punish rage quitting is the highest priority in my books.

I noticed much more lag after the patch came out

Endless Battles and get rid of the damn Rank Up/Rank Down notification appearing on the screen when a fight is about to begin. Leave that shit for the versus menu, it’s distracting.

I honestly dont think much needs to be done. Apart from more chars and modes ect.

My one issue is damn RAGE QUITTERS. damm they make me rage! And do you see me quitting? NO! If your good enough to beat me good on you!

Add T.J combo…