Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV

Voice your opinion on what SFV should/shouldn’t have - be it theorycraft or proven by evidence.

just speculation but i think parries will come back seeing as how they put in that justin daigo moment. maybe it’s a hint.

Faster walk speeds
No more plinking
Better hitboxes on medium and heavy attacks
More damaging AAs

Charge Partioning.
Negative edge for supers (no 3 button Ultra)
Crouching tech gives cr.jab instead of cr.short.
No comeback mechanics.

I heavily agree with faster walking and no more plinking. I dislike crutches, even if they’re available to everybody.

I just don’t think Capcom are going to take a step backward at this point, I’m just living in 3rd Strike nostalgia.

I like “Big flashy ultra combos” but I don’t like the comeback factor they give or comeback factor in general. I like Xrd’s insta-kill system though, that’s a pretty neat idea, cool way to finish off an opponent. You already know some kind of comeback tool is going to be present though, it seems to be a recurring theme in their new fighters.

[] If there’s gonna be a mechanic like focus attack used to extend combos, I want it not to work on block
] No ultras, just supers that are actually useful. Maybe 4 bars total, 2 bars = super?
[] Damaging AA’s that emphasize staying grounded
] Better implementation of normals beating throws (like 3S)

Something that is my personal opinion:Since SF4 was inspired by ST, I’d like SF5 to be inspired by 3S and A3 for a fast paced and modernized fighting game.

1)Parries. But in a more risk/reward manner. As in you can only Red Parry, but it works only if you guard against the first hit or the Red Parry will fail. So it becomes a “play it safe and get chipped/sisk a fuckaton and survive” situation.
2)Faster Walkspeed
3)No Shortcuts
4)No Plinking
5)Custom Combos
6)Relatively small Roster. 20, 25 tops.
7)Okugawa as Composer

I definitely think it’s time for a change of pace, I’m not against SF4’s slower speed of gameplay but I quite miss 3S and Alpha’s quicker movement and gameplay, SF4 can look and play in quite a dull way sometimes…it would be nice to have a faster paced game.

More emphasis on AA’s would be nice, force newer players into learning good/bad.

I disagree with removing ultras, not so much for the comeback factor but because they’re a spectacle, I like having one super-flashy move to unleash on my opponent.

I think I agree with pretty much everything here…you got it in one. Custom combos are debatable I guess, but fun.

-Faster Walk Speed
-Air Combos (Not on the level of Marvel, but i wouldn’t mind them)
-A endless lobby where the host can only spectate (Streaming reasons)
-Built in frame data
-Pre selection of characters so no time is wasted on the select screen (Xrd has this)
-Stage Voting

2 frame reversal window.
No invulnerable backdashes.
Less scaling on combos.
Smaller stages.
No parries. The mechanic is mostly crap just let it be.
Small cast. 16 at most.
Faster walkspeeds.

Probably some other technical stuff but meh. Parries would probably make me skip this game.

1)Not really fond of Air Combos. I think Street Fighter should retain his “grounded” fighting style.
2)Reall nice idea, indeed
3)That, something like FA Tool to read only, plus a Skullgirls-like Training Mode, with a encyclopaedia of information on screen.

Anyway, since i mentioned the Okugawa bit, i would also like to add another “extra-meta” tidbit. GGPO Netcode, FFS.

  • Run
  • Air Block
  • Parry

Agree with everything but the small cast, more characters the merrier, 20-25 seems good to me.

Air block, good one bruh.

Higher damage normal attacks
Faster throw start up
No armor moves
No Focus Attack
No Ultra
No parries
Single meter management
Super only
Faster speed
No lengthy cinematic moves
No cinematic SPD moves
Better FoV
Alpha counters
SFxT rolls
Tech wake up and delayed wake up
*No plinking
*No short cuts
*No 1 frame links. 2 frames at minimum.

I really dislike option selects, plinking, crouch teching, and other universal mechanics that unnecessarily complicate the game (focus/red focus w/ 3 different charge levels, armor break, etc).

I don’t like “tech”. Just solid fundamental gameplay.

I think that might look like SF2 with dashing for extra movement options, supers/ex moves cause they’re cool and reward solid play, and an alpha counter like mechanic for reads.

I like smaller rosters too (easier to balance, learn matchups, etc); it allows for each character to be more distinctive maybe even have character specific mechanics (super jump, armored moves, stance change, weapons, etc) while not overwhelming us with too many things to juggle against universal game mechanics.

SFxT rolls can burn in many fires.

I’ll be the first to agree that option selecting feels like complete bullshit to me, but it leviates the guessing game and allows high-level play to play in a more constructed way, but is that really entertaining? Strip it down to the core and it is simply “The game will play itself for you.”

I’ve never liked plinking, if you’re going to add a pseudo mechanic/a glitch in the system to help the execution barrier just lower the difficulty of combos if you think having a plinking mechanic was necessary.

Crouch teching is a form of OS, and thus I dislike it as well. But in a game like SF4 I will wholeheartedly say that without crouch teching I would be bodied by a lot of people.

no more DWU abomination

How come i didn’t think about the Guard Meter? facepalm

BTW, what about 3rd Strike Taunts? How do you feel about useful taunts?

Personally, I’d say that scaling should stop at 50%. So instead of combos scaling all the way to 10% like in IV, we’d get something more like:

100 - > 100 - > 80 - > 70 - > 60 - > 50.