Impossible to find a game? SfxT PC

I just got SFxT on PC and I realised that the online lobby is way different from SSF4AE, basically I can only search games based on Same or Any region and I’m from Singapore where players on SFxT PC is quite uncommon. So my question is, am I stuck with either going with Same region and waiting who knows how long till I get matched up with someone from my country or choosing Any region and having to go through players after players of unplayable ping before finding a good match? Or is there a better alternative.

Any help would be appreciated

I would say, choose any, suffer through bad matches and befriend players with good connection. Then play endless with the players you find with good connection with you.

I see, kinda sucks that it takes so much more effort compared to AE just to get a decent game going

I can see why it might be a problem for you, but for me personally on xbox, would choose any, and 90% of the matches I got was playable-superb (even playing peoople from USA, and I am norwegian, playing on a wifi network)

I would think that the majority after experiencing their first online matches is just waiting for the netcode patch.
at least now with all the lag teleports and missing sound effects it’s kinda pointless to play online, even if you find a match with proper connection.