Important, concerning Texas Showdown

Couple pointers concerning the weeklies:

It seems that no-one wants to pay the 50c entry fee anymore since most people are already shelling out 3-10$ to play at Stargate. Believe me it wasn’t exactly a joy ride when I went around asking everyone for 50c, Peeps like Rudy refusing to pay because he’s broke or some other excuse like they left their wallet in their car. I am not collecting this money so I can make my life a little easier. The entry fees will go to help fly japanese players over. I’ve already talked to Buktooth and he’s in contact with the Japanese. Nothing is a lock yet, but it’ll look real promising if I can raise 1000$ dollars to support airfare.

I want everyone to reach a common agreement, either all pay or no one pays. It wouldn’t be fair to the people that paid and letting a few bad apples get away. BTW people who paid their 50c willingly on tuesday I give you my thanks.

Last year Power-Dn raised very close to 500$ for Texas Showdown 4 , If we can raise 500$ then I would match it with 500$ I made from the Texas Showdown 4 dvds (mentioned in SG weekly thread).

So why not pay the 1000$ all by yourself? Because I feel that I’m bringing in the Japanese for the better good of the community and not just myself (of course I would love to have them).

Anyway, It is October now and there’s a good 4 months for me and sonicboom to raise as much as we can. The money from weeklies might not be significant but it adds up. I’m also looking at other ways to raise money but I need all the help I can get.

I just want to straighten everything out before the next weekly, I’m not your mother or big brother and it shouldn’t take me 10 minutes to squeeze 50c from you. My time is worth more then that. I hope that we can all strive to make Texas Showdown the second most attractive and competitive tournament in North America behind Evolution.

My two cents

Discussion and replies are welcome

But I need that money for candy.

Since I can never make it to the weeklies, is there any other times you’ll be collecting money?

Any personal donations are welcome, talk to me personally or on aim. I’ve had many contact me concerning donations, really appreciate the help!

why not have a donation box setup or something for those people ho don’t have online acces to u.

Anybody that says they can’t help out by giving their 50 cents shouldn’t be playing games then. Running a tourney like TS is not cheap and any help from the home-town players, no less, is expected. TS is always able to bring in top players and Lay’s desire to bring in Japanese players is great.

So stop being fucktards and hand over your entry fees.

If nothing else, consider it payment for having people run weeklies for you people. Take it from someone who knows, it’s a bitch.

Yea, it’s only 50 cents. Your already shelling out 3-7 bucks, what’s 50 cents more? cheap fucks… :pleased:

cheap fucks, raise your hands?

raises both hands held high :encore:

You’re not allowed to have an opinion anymore, seriously ever, go sit in the corner and die already.

And Ranma wins the thread!

Please everyone show up n pay ur 50 cent so we can get some japanese players for showdown. If we bring in some japanese comp for showdown we’ll finally get recognition when we take all the tournaments including marvel for once which i don’t think has ever been done by houston.

and never will be unless u go out and poison N.O. making sure they cant make it =P

like they did in Austin…=P…i have the results to prove it… :tup:

It’s not New Orleans with just Patrick. :stuck_out_tongue:

So true those l33t bastards… :clap:

True That!! :tup:

lisin vinny man i dont care if u rep u better R E S P C T me.
lmao, sorry bro some old jayZ on the winamp :party:

Hell, I would help out but I’m 3 1/2 hours away. :frowning:

Thats no excuse. you can mail in ur 50 cent to startgate and also mail in any other donation. :clap:

So…have you guys set up a donation box or anything?