Importance to block back instead of down back in tick throw

I’ve met days ago a seasoned player since sf2,

we talked about the mixup tick thow and tick normal and ways to avoid this pressure.

I suddenly explained the tech os ( first hold db, then ub + throw you know ) , but he gaves me another option so simple… hold back after tick ! It beats throws because you literally walk back and obviously standing normal because you block, even after a blocked jump in for example (if the opponent next attempt to tick throw) .
Yes you’ve to watch out the opponent , after the tick (jab) he could perform a crouch kick so you’ve to switch from back to down back but the point is…why a so simple solution is never mentioned?

I think old fightin games fondamental are the best…

What do you think about it guys

It widely depends on the throw range, the pushback on the normal and the back walk speed of a character. Almost every character in SF5 might be able to walk back Chun’s throw, but only Claw might walk back from Bison’s throw.
You also have to consider that traditionally crouching extends your hitbox, which means it’s globally easier to grab a crouching character than a standing character.

Surely if they grab as soon as you come out of block stun they’ll just grab you anyway without you being able to move out of the way?

Yes it depends on throw range and pushback of first jab , but since you’re standing your hurtbox doesn’t extends, second in sfv throws are 5f and after the jab the opponent have to step forward to throw so you have al least 5 frames to backward before being thrown .
I tried in training and I can whiff the throw almost always.

Doing this you can avoid also shimmy from every area of the screen but the corner, there the shimmy became more effective because you can’t go back so your only option is tech throw.

Now with this concept in mind I start noticing many pro doing this

That’s not universally true. Again, it depends on the character and the normal. Cammy has to step forward to grab after a st. LP but she can grab you immediately after pressing st. LK because of the small pushback. Gief and Mika can EX command grab even after two cr. jabs and Urien has tick throws on all his light normals.

The pros you’ve seen were probably fighting against Ryu, Cammy or Chun who have short grab range and no immediate tick throw outside the corner (with the exception above). What you achieve in training doesn’t matter since it’s character dependent.

Gets beaten by any frametrap into a low. Will work once or twice. Good players will punish after using once or twice. Chars like Chun, Ken or Cammy can even go for cr. mk x super confirm for like 400’dmg.

It isn’t mentioned because it’s well known.

It is a definite option for beating some tick throw setups. But if your opponent knows you’ll do it it’s really easy to beat. I play Chun as an example and she has problems with people walking out of her grabs. So I just do cr.lp then walk forward slightly and cr.lkx2,st.lp and hitconfirm that into ex legs into a knockdown. On the knockdown I do another low confirm and I continue to do this until the opponent wises up and stops standing, at which point I start to throw them again or go for regular frame traps.

But anyway it goes it’s a decent option, just don’t abuse predictably it against anyone decently smart.

Mostly only works in SFV because throw ranges are ass and there are relatively few hit-confirmable lows. Ken, Mika, Cammy and a good Ryu can beat it by hit-confirming