Import stores in Los Angeles or Las Vegas?

I’m interested in the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3. I’d like to know if there are any import stores in LA or Las Vegas that could sell it.

i saw a gamestop recently that had one here it was like 60.00


you mightve seen a hori FS3

That would explain the price.

lol, yeah. i’m pretty sure you’ll never see a hrap at a gamestop. my local frys carries a hori fs3 for $50 … not that anyone would buy them.

I don’t know about vegas, but LA should have a good deal of import game stores.

The only one I can think of on hand is Game X in Rowland Heights (if they’re still open, it’s been ages since I’ve been there), but I’m sure there are more out there in the greater LA area

The city’s near Pasadena and Arcadia. My friend goes there weekly. Last time he went, he said there were alot of HRAP3’s sitting around.

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Search engine gives no results, the only Hori they sell is the one made for the X Box 360.

The city’s near Pasadena and Arcadia.

I would prefer a store in LA. Any ideas?

  1. HRAP1
    HRAP SC3 stick

  2. I don’t know of any good stores in L.A… You can always try cruising around Little Tokyo. It’s bound to have an import store somewhere.

Many great Sf players live in LA and they probably own an import stick. Come on guys, please give me some good addresses.

What makes you think they didn’t just order their sticks online from eBay, online import stores, or from custom stick builders? Most people I know got their sticks like this.

I hope there are still people who prefer to physically see a product, before the purchase.

Anyway, thanks for the infos.

they do, they see someone else that imported the stick before them.

Theres just no big market for the sticks we want to see, so no retail