I'm your Huckleberry

just saw tombstone, and Doc Holliday is the man. did this quick sketch, followed by a relatively serious attempt at coloring the face. crits and comments welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile:

Is that the bristle oil brush you’re using for the bg in painter? Looks pretty good, maybe touch up on sharp detailed lights. The key to painting “tight” without actually painting everything is to have a focal point.

The face should have some clean strokes with nice highlight as this will bring the viewers attention to look at that the most. This guy is pretty good with this stuff. www.simplestroke.com

Check out his portrait step by step.

i really didn’t care for that pic to much. I mean it was nice and all but it didn’t capture Doc Holiday’s arrogance.

And yes Doc Holiday IS the man.

SFMC: thanks for the tips and the link, should help me out in my next pic.

puppetgeneral: that’s not supposed to be doc holiday, he’s just some random western guy, thanks for the comments tho

by the way, anybody know how to create steam in photoshop or painter? or for that matter, a waterfall? thanks in advance