I'm wondering about stores where employees get "kudos" for helping customers

Do the females generally tend to pretend to like you on a personal level if you shop there frequently, and seek you out when you’;re in-store so as to assure themselves a referral or “kudo” every time you show up, like Hooters girls do?

Obviously this is a case to case basis, but as someone working at a store where the pay is commission based and where customer satisfaction plays a large role in that commission, I can say that certain females definitely act that way because it looks a lot better for them to have “regulars”.

Yeah…I thought so. This kinda saves me the trouble of asking this hooker if she wants to go catch Scott Pilgrim vs Za Warudo only for her reveal her boyfriend/fiance/husband. No way in hell women look that good and are single. Commision whores…shakes head in disgust And to think I almost bought it when she told me how glad she was to see me today. I know it’s the nature of the job and all, but I always hated women who play on a dude’s feelings.

this is what I think of your thread


I was at work today and some useless fucking white trash came in on one of them meat wagons. Which he would stop in the fucking MIDDLE of any walking area, so people couldn’t get by. Then after customers and him started getting into arguments, he proceeds to USE HIS FEET TO WALK AROUND while still sitting on this thing. WTF?

A little while later, he plows through a fucking display stand of digital photo frames (100 bucks a pop), then looks at me and says “what are you waiting for? Clean this up!”

he then proceeds to buy a 42" HDTV from me later in the day…silly me, I must have accidently smashed the screen when i checked the box to see if the Serial Codes matched up. Oh and misplaced the remote control. And forgot to put his receipt in the bag (silly fucker, paying with cash).

Damn…this vid is funny. The asian guy is looking guilty as hell, like “Aw, shit…I can’t open a can either!” then looks around a couple times to see if anyone’s giving him a “yeah, nigga, WE know” look. Thank you for this. Hey…where’d she get the black shit from?? When I was a kid, Spaghetti-O’s had RED sauce. That can doesn’t say “Ghetto’s”, does it?

edit: 4:34…uh…I’m not sure I understand where this is going…!!! Whoa…wtf?

He done goofed and consequences will never be the same!

Oh, fuckin’ nice! :tup: