I'm using the MAME emulator and I want to play online, is there a way I can do that?

I want to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter 3:Third Strike online.

Look up “Fightcade” and have fun.

Indeed, Globe already hit one of the simplest methods.

Depending on your particular emulator (I think Fightcade and some of the others use FBA - Final Burn Alpha?) and particular games supported, many emulators can offer online play in one form or another. For the titles you mention, I believe both of them are compatible with (and using proper emus) GGPO netcode which will mean smooth online play.

Good luck!

I haven’t played the latest Fightcade but the last time I played it, 3rdS never ran smooth, not even offline. Everything CPS1-2 and Neo play great though. Love Fightcade, spent a lot of time playing Turf Masters and ST, my 2 favorite games.