Im sure you heard this before

Im sure you all had but how hard is it just to pick a main? Ive been playing sf4 quit came back got ssf4 currently playing it to. But i can never just pick 1 character and just stick with them. I always enjoying high level fights that’s one of the main reasons why i always mess around with other chars. I always use balrog hes like my go to guy but i know i can use someone else. I enjoy using akuma, ryu, ken, but i cant just choose someone to stick with. Ken has been the person i wanted to main since like alpha 3 but now i really don’t know. I just don’t want to main someone and regret it because their low tier or some other reason.

unless you plan on entering high level tourneys and winning them constantly main/play whoever you want.

you want another main? Well, I don’t have a main currently. I’m just picking characters at this point lol. Imma still help.

1 way to pick you main: You play Balrog right? Wow, top tier boxer. He has a terrible match-up though, 2 actually. you are in endless battle whipping everyone up, and then boom, you play a good viper, one of Balrogs worst match-ups. this viper is too good for you to beat with your balrog. what do you do. Counter-pick. Yep. Ken beats viper (hypothetically) so you pick him and rape viper.

The moral of the story is pick a character that beats your other characters worst match-up.

second way: You love you some boxer, but you been playing Ken for a good while and you really like him. So you main him.


My brother played Ryu and Dan in SF4. Dan is the worst character in the game. He didn’t give a fuck. Fuck what other people think. Hell, you can main Hakan, Makoto, and Dan, maybe the bottom 5. Fuck them other people. Ken is mid-tier in this game anyway. Enjoy playing Ken, if you like them.

In SF4, I played Gief and Honda. I loved me some honda, but i hated Gief. My gief was almost tourney level. i think i went 20 in a row online against some decent people. I digressed, i hated Gief. So I dropped his ass for Honda, Blanka and El Fuerte. My other brother (the tier whore) asked, “Why did you drop Gief?” Why? BECAUSE I HATE HIM AND LOVE EL FUERTE. Anyway. moral of the story, don’t let people get to you. Have fun with Ken.

its the other way around for me, i just cant stop using Abel. i wanna be able to pick other character but when the character select screen comes on, i always end up picking Abel. just the thought of how much i enjoy fighting as him and trying to learn techniques to beat the other 30 styles. looks like you enjoy using shoto fighters. ryu, akuma, ken… all the same in alot of the ways but at the same time theyre not. u should trying digging up every little difference they all have from one another and see.

Balrog rapes Viper dude. Maybe Viper’s worst matchup along with honda and bison.

Do like me and chose 3 mains and have subs, that way you can keep your oppoint guessing