I'm selling every video game related item i own! take a look o yea, Kikin kiks!

The following items are for sale:

This list you are about to read comes from years of collecting and I realized I never used them. They came from a non smoking household, full of love and were kept in pristine condition. None of the hardware is modded. Msg me and I?ll tell you a price if they?re already not listed. I know how rare some of this stuff is, so don?t dick with me on prices.

I will bring almost all of this to the next C3 tournament on December 22, 2007 to sell. This will be a first come first serve basis. After that, I will consider selling these items online and mailing them to you. My email is mradamjennings@gmail.com, or msg me here

Dreamcast Hardware

Ascii cvs stick: great condition, 1 piece,each --------------- $60

Alloy arcade stick: Brand new, unopened, 2 pieces-------------- $30

Virtual ON: Oratorio Tangram twin sticks, Fantastic condition, 2 pieces,each-------- $SOLD

Link cable for Voot: great condition, 1 piece---------$40

Three American dreamcast consoles: all working

VMU?s: 3 pieces, various saves, mvc2, 3rd strike, cvs2, etc. -----------$15


Dreamcast Games: you name it, I prolly got it, some original, mostly other

Xbox 1 Hardware

American Xbox: great condition / sold

Playstation 2 Hardware

American Tekken five stick: great condition, 1 piece $60

Saturn Hardware

1 console, modded with switch to play imports great condition

Saturn stick: good condition

4 meg cart: great condition

Multitap for bomberman!

Analog controller for nights

Software: tons of archived games, xmen vs sf, og disc, vampire savior

Arcade Hardware

Cps2: B board, marvel super heroes, green Japanese board, worked back then too! / SOLD

Dreamcast jamma arcade adapter: allows you to connect dreamcast to an arcade cabinet via the jamma harness so you can play dreamcast games!!

Some items may already be spoken for (joysticks), but until I see cash…

Ask me for whatever else that came out before the newest generation consoles and I might have it.

If you don?t know me, I was a hardcore street fighter. I drove a white VW van with a pop up roof to most tournies, and gamed in there (does that ring a bell?) I traveled everywhere in the world (Japan three times, countless ecc?s, evo?s, B4, B5, two Mid west Championships, Gametime tournies, you name it,I?ve been there at least once.) for street fighter, so you can trust me, Peace.

This is the funniest shit ever hahaha

Kikin definitely kicks.

You guys can trust him - he’s been around longer then almost everyone on here.

Derek Daniels

I sent you an email.

price on all 3 dreamcasts and the ASCII stick that is semi broke?

That ascii stick has an optical stick, so I’m thinking it might be of interest to some people on this board.

Sup Kikin

got a MVC2 for DC for sale? or a ST?

both ASCII sticks should if they are cvs for DC, and he has it listed as 50$ for the 100% working one

Price on Saturn hardware?

give me a price, shipped to 18466
1 Dreamcast console + the agetec stick + 1 VMU

if you’re not ready to sell it online just yet, where is this C3 thing?

also, if you do happen to have this stuff for online, i don’t do paypal anymore, so would you accept a post office money order?

If you are willing, I am looking for 1 default DC pad and 1 A/V cables. Have anything?

I am interested in a DC and the agetec stick.

Also, Lost Blade 2 for DC.


I would advise against selling your Xbox with backups of original games.

“American Xbox: modded with over 100 gigs of xbox 1 games and emulated games”

hey im interested in the Dreamcast Jamma adapter, and if the DC sticks are available i might grab one of those too, and if u have any ps2->dc adapters i’ll definitely grab those, pm sent.

Ok, list updated. everything you see is up for sale now, just msg me or email me. some people already said they’ll mail money orders,but most of it still for sale.

oh damn, i didnt know you were going to be at c3. gs, dude.

I don’t know if anybody has dibs on the agetec and a dreamcast, but as of now, i’m supposed to be sending him money after the holidays to buy it.

what? I’ve already sent money for the agetec and the ascii optical stick. I’ve been talking to kikin via PM and we arranged an amount for the money order, and I sent it earlier this afternoon.

What generation is that original Xbox? And how much do you want for it shipped?

i didn’t update, but on xmas day, i told him i wasn’t going to get it. i shoulda posted in this thread, but i figured he’d let people know.

this makes me sad. Why you sellin all your stuff?