I'm on a Robitussin Trip

Holy fuck omg. I really don’t know how to ecplain this. At all. It’s like seriously the weirdest feeling ever. My friend told me to try this and i hear of the term sipping syrup from like lil wayne or whatever but never in my life have i felt like this it’s like wave after wave after wave of sensations. I’m 100% not lying to you. I’m tripping my balls off. My feet feel like they’re wet and my teeth are really smooth. I just want to be touched and I can hardly read nor type. I’ve never done this before. Holy. shit.

Would you rate the experience positive? I’d like to try it.

Man, I am tripping balls so the first thing I thought I would do is go on SRK and tell EVERYONE about the wonders of legal highs.

I bet that tasted like shit.

Drink some more.

Be in a good mood before you down it and it’s like magic, I recommend cough pills though instead, no nasty cherry taste.


I know the feeling Zulu, fun stuff. Typing is slow as shit.


This is what I’ve experienced.

It scared me at first because I felt like complete and total shit. I felt like I wanted to throw up. But then I calmed down and after 20 minutes or so I didn’t feel anything. I then started to feel like a microwave (cold outside hot inside). My muscles relaxed and rectracted. Then I felt like I wanted to run a marathon. Like seriously I couldn’t sit still at all. Pacing back and fourth. Stuttering. Now I’m on a calm plane and despite my vision being a bit fuzzy, I’d say this is a really good high. I’m not going to do this each and every day but I do feel like I’m in heaven.

Oh and I’m still high btw. Doesn’t this last like 8 hours?

Most of mine last about 4-5, depends on how much you take…although 18 pills only got me so far.

I chugged a bottle.

Shouldn’t last too long with one bottle, pansy.

how much did you drink?!?!?



dude you might be stoned into tomorrow.

You should try getting high of poop, I heard thats the new “in” thing for young stupid people. Plus it’s free and dealing with crap should come natural for a person of your disposition. It’s naturally the next logical step.

My first time I took one bottle and it barely lasted 3 hours…


Thank you for this.

Let me say that I just tried this stuff and while I would like to do it again, it’s not something that I’m going to do each and every day of my life. It’s one of those things that youcan say to someone, ‘Hey…I tried this stuff.’

Still it feels amazing though. But I can hardly stand. The feeling comes and goes.

the drug thats messing you up from the robotussin is* dextromethorphan its a hallucinogenic similar to a mild lsd
*and yeah if you drink a bottle
the cons are
you lose your appetite and you’ll be drowsy and nauseated but this is all from the robotussin
a pure dxm trip is much better.

music and those visualizers are really dope when on this.

Son, the normal recommendations presume a brain of at least normal functional levels.