I'm Not The Only One Right?

Hello Shoryuken. I play SSFIVAE and I am a “scrub”. I know anti-airs, spacing, zoning, and other techniques and strategies, but I still need to work on them. I also main Ryu. I read that Ryu was a beginner character, for noobs to use. Over the summer, in my leisure, I played online and practiced with Ryu. I got to C+ when I decided that I wanted to main another character. I decided to learn how to play Dudley. Learned his moves and tried to use him to the best of my ability and won 7cw. I did this with a bunch of characters in the SSFIVAE cast, and I won a lot of matches with them. I found my own way to use the characters and it worked. Now this was before I really knew how to use anti-airs, spacing, etc, so I didn’t have any idea of how to use advanced techniques. Then I started reading and watching guides, and I saw an increase in my ability. Then the opposite happened. To get to the point, it seems like the more I learn the worse I get, because as soon as I learned advanced tactics, I couldn’t get back to MY tactics and I lost, a lot. Sometimes I’d find myself not winning ANY matches at all so I’ve just come to ask if this just has to do with the way I’m learning things or if anyone else has or has had this problem. I play on the Xbox 360 btw.

I’m in literallly the same boat. Bought third strike during the summer because I had never played any street fighters before, really sucked but I loved playing akuma. Bought arcade edition a few weeks later and a few days ago I hit B rank with him at 5k bp, but then I just hit the wall. I’ve been losing constantly ever since and I’m down to 2.6bp! I can’t believe it… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but once I hit B rank I just started losing terribly, and to people I know I’ve beaten easily before.

I still don’t know much about the game, honestly, but I’m really at a loss as to how I managed to go from 5k to almost half of that in a matter of days.

So frustrating ;(

Online does not reward solid play as much as it rewards reckless play at lower to mid levels.

The better you do, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the better players you play against. The better players you play against, the worst you’ll do.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might still be thinking too much. All of these advanced techniques will make you a better player, but they have to become second nature first. If you jump in at me and I spend so long thinking of the optimal anti-air that I get hit, I’m going to lose a lot of health. However, over time that decision just becomes muscle memory and I’ll be able to maximize my punishes.

From 0-2500pp or so online, you can beat most people with anti-airs and solid punishes alone. Those players tend to be reckless and simply don’t expect you to stop their jumps or do much after they mash a shoryuken/unsafe move. If you can flip those assumptions on their head, you’ll crush the majority of online players.

Don’t bother with the letter grades, really, they’re no indication if you’re getting better or not. I’m not going to repeat what others have said here. But I do agree with them although I have to supplement what’s already been said with a few things.

  1. The best way to learn the game is to just play it.
    2.sometimes advanced techniques will make you worse because you don’t understand all the reasons why they’re used why they work and how/when to use them
  2. Even if #2 isn’t true, you’ll generally get worse, then better as you integrate it in your game (this can be because of #2 as well
  3. Play any damn character you like, don’t pick ryu just because people say he’s a good beginner character. That simply isn’t more true of rye than any other character. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and experiences while learning the game.
  4. Don’t just rely completely on information. Learn in increments. You might not be getting enough positive/negative reinforcement for what you already know and are adding more to your plate.
  5. Find someone in person to review your play. You’ll get immediate feedback which you can directly relate to a specific game and situation I instead of general feedback with no specific link or context. Remember there are no hard rules and every rule has an exception.

If also suggest after getting comfortable with a character to stick with them.even through your bad matchups.specialize. you’ll get better faster and you can avoid a lot of information you don’t need.

Wow. Thanks for your responses guys. I’ll definitely take your advice into consideration!

i feel like its the exact opposite for me. When i play low level players i generally do worse. High level players are more competent so i know they aren’t going to do a bunch of wild unpredictabe shit. The flow of the match feels a lot better.