I'm Kinda Shy...

Hey guys… I’m kinda shy of entering the ranked matches ;/… been playing for less than a week… just got it this week but had SF4 before.

I’m afraid of losing in ranked matches, I’m not afraid of losing in any other mode though.
Is it okay to lost in ranked matches? Should I except people my level? or people who are way better than me? Can someone explain to me what happens if I lose?

Should I just jump right in and don’t care?

Ranked matches are seriously just another type of match. You are primarily pitted against players of “similar skill” however, there are edge cases of people far above or below you. Points really don’t mean too much, though. I’ve never understood why people get so stressed and angry over points. This is a game. If you get so worked up over losing a handful of meaningless points, you probably aren’t going to have fun playing this game.

Believe it or not, SF4 is simply a game. It’s a game many of us are very passionate about, myself included, but above all have fun with the thing. If you’re playing casuals (which I consider “ranked” play to be) have some fun with it! Smile! Laugh! Drink some coffee and relax! Serious business time is offline tournaments or money matches.

I agree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I guess I’ll start tomorrow then! Here I come!

I just realized… points were never invented before SF4 right?.. it sorta took the arcade out of the online play ;(.

Just play the game, nobody cares if you win or lose.

I get that feeling sometime to but I just look at as a way to improve what I need to improve on. Or use the people to find setups for combos.

Don’t be overly concerned with rankings or wins/losses. Be concerned with getting better. You’ll really never improve your game if you aren’t losing. Always winning just means you’re playing the wrong competition.

Shrub’s right, you’ll find every single kind of person online, higher skilled, lower skilled, Shoryuken throwers, everyone. Don’t worry about the points, they’re just a number. If anything, when you have lower PP, people tend to think you’re free, show them that you’re not and steal the win from them. Basically, you wont hear anything better from anyone on this forum then what Shrub the scrub (Haha, jk man, see you on the Maritime forums) said.

And plus! Playing people from SRK is a lot more better than people on ranked. Here you can share insights on each other’s gameplay and tell us what we need to work on. Those people that you play on ranked would never talk to you nor would they reply back to your messages if you send them one. They wouldn’t even reply to a “gg.” Even if you lose you asked a few simple questions, they wouldn’t reply.

Thanks guys ;D, yeah… not been too confident in playing… especially now my parents are giving me heck about playing street fighter ;(.

Anyways what you guys said… they’re all true and I agree.

Yeah… ;( people online don’t even reply or nothing. I once met this guy who kept swearing at me and said OMG YOU LOST, YOU FREAKEN SUCK ;((((.

I only have one person from SRK so far… hope to meet more people ;D so far everyone is friendly and are willing to help me improve.

You can add me! :smiley:

Okies ;D hope it doesn’t lag D;!

What area are you from?

Ontario… so… pretty much across the country.

There’s a score system in place for Ranked, but it means absolutely nothing about skill. Outside of that it’s just any other type of match but it keeps a record, so you can track gradual improvement.

Don’t be shy of it, it’s actually got LESS skilled players than Endless and tournament.

I don’t usually care for the rank system but it can sometimes tell you if the person is pretty good or not. But it can lie I have fought people who have 0PP and play like a pro.

Add me too, NecroticSoldier! I’m in Van but would love to practice with you, no problem discussing stuff over the headset either.

;( thanks for the offer… but I have 360 only ._.".

Thanks Sektr, that’s a good way of looking at it.

And Garzel… yeah I have fought pro 0PPs in endless or team battles.

You can add me to. Always looking for people to play! ;3

You should check the Ontario forums if you’re looking for people to play against. I’m sure they’d have no problem teaching you some things.