IM inf. 2 photon cannon help!

i’m just starting 2 play IM and whenever i get an inf starting i find it hard to connect the photon cannon at the end of the inf. (yes i’m an IM noob) is there some trick there? does the timing of the inf. change when ur about to do the super?? help plz!!!

A few things that help:

  1. If you’re in the corner, finish it with (land, s.HP XX PC) instead of going straight into PC, since the timing’s a little easier (except against Sent, then you’ll want to use (land, s.LP, c.MP XX PC))

  2. It helps if they’re lower to the ground before trying to combo anything after the inf. The way I bring them lower to the ground is by pausing longer than normal before the j.LP, and then finishing the rest of the inf a little slower than usual.

  3. Try to time the inf in such a way that on the last rep you’ll minimize the amount of time between when you hit them with the j.up+HP and when you land. Usually you can do this by just doing the inf really slow.

Once you get the timing down it should start coming naturally. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

tnx dude!!

in da corner do normal reps then do a fast one to a normal one n you got da height also slow a bit the normal one to get it !

hope this helps :smiley:

You in the corner w/ opp in front of you:

[c.lp, xx repulsor blast] x N, Proton Cannon

too easy.

also, you can do the protton cannon anywhere if you do the infinite into lp.repulse blast xx protton cannon

timing is very tricky to do in mid screen and I never use it on a real fight, but it’s possible

If you wanna do inf to PC from mid screen, just use neo_slasher’s tip for getting them to the right height, then go straight into PC. Couldn’t be easier, and it’s just as reliable as doing it in the corner (but not as reliable as s.HP to PC in the corner IMO)