I'm hungry for cake.. can we have a cake thread?

I mean, why does cake have to be so awesome? Its so OP.

The thread is a lie.


^My stomach growled IRL when I saw that.

Tekno knows his meats.

I legit hate all cakes, except cheesecakes, black forest cakes, and ice cream cakes

and this:


Im vegan and Tekno knows it so i guess he’s trolling (failing tho). After all, bison is the superior bovine meat and that looks like plebian cow. If you wanna spam my posts with meat products, please keep it with s-tier meat and not that over cooked scrubby shit.


I presume a man with both stones will recognize the superior texture of bison.

Let’s keep this about cake though. Real talk, the portal cake was good.

I love me some Cake!

Ay nigga, I didn’t recall you were vegan. Bison is on par with organic grass fed beef doe. Nigga did you see that fat looks like cream in the middle? Blind nigga did you see the fat that looks like honey near the surface? You see dat moist doe? Das technique doe, what is you thinking?

Egg tarts doe



God tier:


I dont eat cake like that cause im not fat. A slice of regular plain cheesecake is enough for me

Plain or not, cheesecake is still a big pile of fat and sugar. Like drinking, it’s OK to go wild with desserts once in a while, just don’t overdo it.

Ill eat the whole cake and Im 160lbs… uwotm8

Op fucked up a golden opportunity. Should have asked all the reason peeps like cake and described the color and texture of their favorite and how it feels in their mouth. Then he was supposed to immediately change the title to I’ hungry for cock…


We should let all the poor people eat cake.

But first we must take away their guillotines.

change the OP to just cheesecake and I might give a fuck.

Also good to see someone else knows the about the wonders of bison. Good shit sir