Im having trouble doing a combo -> Rekkas

I just picked him up earlier today… any advice?

*Combing Into Rekkas

Hello :), try asking at this link: Fei Q/A Simple Questions
you might get more responses.

I dont mean to be rude but if you dont know the answer just fuck off

This attitude won’t get you anywhere. He helped and linked you to a thread with answers and where that question was asked.

You should also have a look at these threads:

But to answer your question, to combo into rekkas you have to know what actually is cancelable into rekkas. And Fei’s cancelable moves into rekka are crLP and stLP, and you should be canceling those into rekkas, crlp xx rekka with down + LP d/f f Rekka(negative edge by releasing buttons or pressing a button again). He can also cancel close moves into rekka, ie close HP, close MP, close MK into rekka, but generally you would only go for close HP as a punish into rekka or of a focus crumple or tenshin, and with close MP you would link into crLP for the hit confirm.

You said combo into rekka, so I’m assuming you are doing his bnb with chains of LPs and lks into rekkas, the trick with that is that you cannot cancel a chain, you can only link and cancel. So the trick is to LP, pause LP xx rekkas, instead of mashing it out, and you have to master that timing. So crlk crlk stlp pause crLP xx Rekkas, or close lp stlp stlp pause crLP xx rekkas. Just practice the timing for stlp into crlp first then worry about the rest, there is no trick to it, and make sure you get the qcf motion properly and smoothly, if you mash it out or input wrong you will get super or nothing at all, d + LP,d/f f Rekka, you can also do the same with stLP. Watch out though, that stLP whiffs on half of the cast crouching, and the only thing you can do is a non plinkable 1flink, so you may want to settle with crlk x4 stlk, or setups with tick throw/tenshin/frametraps.

I recommend you use input display to see how you are inputting the rekka if there are any errors and learn the pause timing for the link from stlp to stLP or crLP instead of chaining.

T-hawk may suit your needs. You can spin the stick and press the all the punch buttons with the palm of your hand. It works pretty well. It’s all you need to do really.

These guys have all been very nice and helped you. There was no reason at all for you to behave this way. You should have looked at the stickies before opening this thread anyway, as has been pointed out. Closed to prevent any further drama.