Im having a birthday party

im having a brithday party at game trade if your in the dallas area
come on through were going to being playing video games and a bunch of other stuff

OK this TOTALLY doesn’t sound like a child predator scheme…

and ok u totally don’t sound like a idiot.

At least you already know why we don’t like you…

Dude I am so there!!!

Should I bring a six pack of mountn dew?!

Better be careful man, he may uninvite you to his birthday party.

I got nothin.

no you asshole fuck u for trying to be funny

Sunny D! Alright! :woot:

Have a fun party… Bring Beer!

Oh shit! :eek:

He has Eminem in his avatar!

:o :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o

A six pack?

You cutting down on the number of kids you’re trying to “tutor” these days?

How are you doing? How about you come over here and have a seat, please?

Damn homey I just figured that I should bring drinks since I was coming but since you gotta be a dick I guess I will just keep all this crystal meth to myself.

Yes, right by the mini bar.

If he tries to escape I already got a profile on his car so we can find him.


Color: Red
Year: Unknown
Make: Big ol piece of shit
Notable features: Lots of candy in the back. Possibly clothes of stolen children, and FGC members as well.

Seems legit.

Fuck OP way to ruin it. Fuck it, I’m not comin either.

Personally I prefer PCP, so it’s no skin off my shoulders that I was going to scratch off furiously in blind fear of spiders and maggots anyway.

And OP, GD is rough around the edges, but if you can take some hazing you’ll be accepted.

In fact, that’s probably it’s main function.

If you had put this in, say, a southern regional thread with the prospect of getting people to come to your party you wouldn’t have gotten as much flak.

When you post here you pretty much just threw a bone to about 200 or more rabid dogs

I hope OP gets an STD.

It is a sad state of affairs, when PapaR can come into a thread, and by his presence alone, make it less gay.