I'm getting used to arcade sticks, but still need some help

Earlier this week I got a Hori Fighting stick 3. This is the first stick I’ve ever had. The transition form a pad to a stick has be very problematic. I can now do pretty much every non-charge special attack. The problem is that I can’t seem to get the motion down to do supers and ultras.

 I Have been practicing for about two hours a day and I can't figure out the right movements. If any one know of any videos, or could create some videos showing how to preform supers and ultra on a arcade stick, would be helpful. Also, if there any videos with slow-motion stick movements, as I think that would do me, and probably others, a world of good.

You will gradually get into the groove. It’s a matter of patience.

Also, quality of stick makes a difference. Hori Fighting Stick series are not bad for how much they cost, but not that great either. After you become better using it, I would recommend you buying a Hori Real Arcade Pro (especially HRAP2 or HRAP3).

Or, you can get your HFS3 modded with Sanwa parts.

I have some nice tutorial vids bookmarked at my home computer (writing from work now), I’ll post them here when I get back from work this afternoon.

They are shot with the new stick owners in mind, and he shows off moves in slow motion focussed on the stick aswell. But look around youtube, search for things like “madcatz review” or similar, or “joystick tutorial”, I dunno. Don’t try to execute moves too quickly, then they don’t come out.

Don’t be discouraged, noone becomes a gaming God immediately just because they buy their first fight stick. It’s a transition phase of 2-3 weeks to get used to, normally. But when you do, you’ll laugh at the years you’ve spent wrestling out moves with a joypad, and your Hori stick is more than good enough for normal playing. If you visited a tournament, you’d see loads of Hori EX2 sticks around the place. A beginner doesn’t necessarily need “the absolute best there is, evarr” to work with. Sort of like someone learning the piano doesn’t NEED a $20,000 grand piano in the beginning. Possibly not ever.

I usually draw analogies to learning to use a new instrument. Has many similarities.
Try out different grips, gripping the stick too tightly will gimp your movements, and holding the ball from the top will also make your moves inaccurate. Many prefer a “wineglass” grip, that is you hold the stick with 2 or 3 fingers and nudge it around instead of moving your entire arm.
I prefer to rest my hand next to the stick, and slightly fold the fingers around the base and ball, and vary from closed to open hand positions.
It’s alot better for avoiding RSI strain injuries aswell as you get good control.

The HRAP2/3 sticks are mostly sold out everywhere now.

I am holding out for a HRAP3(or custom stick) that will be my first stick as well. I’m almost ready to go and blow $170 on an overpriced HRAP3 because I want it before I play SFIV. I look forward to seeing these tutorial’s of yours though.

I’ve been learning on an ancient Hori Fighting Stick PS. As in, PS1.

It’s better than nothing, and I have actually been learning quite a bit about sticks thanks to the old girl, but yeah I’m ready to move on up.

Also, I’ve also been having trouble with Ultras and supers, but only when facing from the 1P side. 2P I hit them every time. It feels like I need to re-teach my hands how to write… but I can definitely see why so many swear by the stick.

There is a training exercise based on 100 steps in some thread here.
Shortly, it says to practice a move 100 times facing the left, and write down how many times you succeed and how many times you don’t. Then do the same facing the right. Repeat this once a day, and keep noting down fails and successes. That way you can see your progress and inspire yourself to do better each time, plus you get the moves imprinted into your muscle memory so the hand automatically performs the right motion the moment you think of it.

Same works for piano players, it’s a basic training exercise. Repeat repeat repeat, then repeat some more. Finally you’ll have it in the muscle memory so the hand automatically does the motions when you think of it. This is how piano players can move so fast up and down and still don’t miss the right keys.

I’m looking forward to those vids.

Yeah me too. I’ve been on my stick for about 6 months now and I’m really used too it, but I’ve friends who are in transition from pad to stick and are having a really hard time. Those videos will help me convince them to stick with their sticks.

This works wonders and I would recommend those having troubles to try this. What I do is go into training mode in third strike put the opponent into the corner, place myself on the opposite end and then practice my control of the stick by quickly dashing (no stopping) up to the opponent and then executing whatever move or combo I happen to be practicing one hundred times, and after I land the move I dash back (no stopping) to the other side of the screen. This has helped me tremendously on the core basics of the game. Getting placed on the player 2 side used to be a game killer for me because I would have trouble dashing and preforming moves consistently but taking the time each day to improve my execution in training pays off greatly in game

Practice Raging Storm motions imo.

You never posted those vids. :confused:

I’m pretty new to using a stick full-time myself. But after playing for a few weeks you will get the hang of it.

I agree that it would be awesome to see someone make a sort of “stick usage tutorial” video with some slow-motion examples of movements.

Just remember to go back to neutral, dont ride the gate, and practice practice practice.

im getting the hang of it myself. been playing fighting games on pad all my life. plus on arcade with american joystick. my gf just got me the fs3 last thursday. so im still learning. been practicing on my brother but we keep trading wins, that doesnt happen when i use the pad. been practicing on kof11 and sf3-3rds. one thing, i cant get comfortable with the stick. i feel like i need to play standing up. like at the arcade. ill hold it on my lap and i feel like im moving it around to much. anyone have any tips??

Yeah, stick motions are a lot more difficult then on pad. It’s just a matter of time and practice and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Like driving a manual car, it just becomes second nature after a while.

so any tips on how to position the joystick right??

PoWer TiP: Finish bionic commando rearmed with the stick. Serious.

only practice will make you better, you have to decide wich one you are confortabl with bat top or ball top, to this day i have a hard time holding ball tops sticks :looney:

Just keep playing on it.

Nah, didn’t find the vids again :frowning: Don’t remember what I was searching for, and it wasn’t bookmarked afterall…soz guys.

This thread is relevant to my interests.