I'm doing a study on Street Fighter

I’m doing an ethnographic study on the competitive Street Fighter community. More specifically, our group is trying to get some insight as to how the death of arcades and the transition to console is affecting the community/scene.

Would anybody be willing to participate in an online interview via AIM? It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, unless you guys have lots to say.

We’re looking for anyone who plays Street Fighter, but preferably people who play in tournaments, and people who have any input on arcades, playing on console, internet play, etc.

If you guys are interested in being interviewed, post up your aim screennames or PM them to me. I need a good ~15 people for this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

sure, my SN for aim is sumazndude209


JayIsDelicious is my sn

I’m down Jay. You know where to get at me

Sure why not. I got a couple hours left before sleeptime…

AIM: Jammar250

Better get at me right now.

Hi ytwojay,
are you an anthropology student? i was interested in doing the same kind of research, but i gave up to concentrate in other areas. I’m interested in the outcome of your work and also in what institution do you go and the theorycal orientation of your work.

thx in advance >D

i’m down

ill help out

aim is rusheddown

i play in tourneys online,console amd arcade for about 10 years now

ill be home later tonight prolly around 10

Sure man.

But no AIM here, just MSN, is it okay?

EDIT: Got it: sanchesspurio

sure im interested

aim: djjazzyjeff3000


aim: AkarIchijo


Sure id love to do a survey about fighting games!

AIM: DavidGunso

sure Id like to help you out.
my home arcade closed down! X_x

Aim:HeaTBlazn89 I think.

prefer msn.

Id love to help, Ill get an AIM account now

Awesome, thanks guys. I think I may need one or two more people, so if you’re interested, go ahead and post up and I’ll send you a PM if we could use the interview :smiley:

Again, we’re interested in people who have an opinion about playing in the arcade vs playing on console.

Oh and for those of you who mentioned msn, I think we’re going to stick with aim, just because everyone in the group uses it and that’s how we’re communicating with eachother.

I’m actually a Computer Science student, but I’m taking an ethnography class that focuses on computers and technology.

The assignment itself was pretty open-ended: we were told to choose some form of technology and perform an ethnographic study on it. Originally we were going to study the community as a whole, but we decided to narrow our focus down so that we could actually have some conclusive results, as opposed to just an overview of the Street Fighter scene.

hi im bagnus

sure y3s to s3x

be on now -.-

when do u plan on doing these interviews?

sup CS brother. Im down to help out if you need.

Yo, I have a ton of shit to say.

maybe too much shit.

Still, my aim: hamikosan