Im bored, people need to come over

As the title says. Its 5:57pm as of this posting. All i have is a DC with TDC, so if people wanna play other stuff, bring systems.

14411 se 15th st
Bellevue, WA 98007
this is a yellow colored house, plenty of street parking.
call if you want but if you plan on coming, just come over, i dont like being on the phone much. Mapquest directions if neccessary. im basically off EXIT 11 off the 90 Freeway Eastbound in the Lake Hills neighborhood of the Eastgate district(?) of Bellevue.

blunder edit - changed “ave” to “st”

come to hillsboro, or.
or pdx.


depends on this one chick in West Linn if she’s is really feelin me or just goin through the process while waiting for someone else on the market

gl on setting that cooch up for some corner-traps/unblockables.

sucks that you were uber busy recording matches during the tournament.

i think the only people from wa i played were ltb and some hugo player.


/edit: after work, it’s really hard for me to form coherent thoughts. my bad if that post made no sense.

“No, now is best.”


My one shot at revenge and I’m not there :annoy:

I’ll bide my time :badboy:

Was that me? What do you look like my good sir?

looong hair.
pony tail.
military jacket.

i feel bad when i played the hugo player because i choked.
not to take his victory away from him, he did an awesome job punishing&controlling space, but i’ve definitely played better games.

that’s why i really want to go to some casuals.

so people can see “oh, he doesn’t always ex.dp for no reason other than to cover space…”


Yes, I did engage you in battle. Well played sir.


you fucked me up.

everytime i fucking ducked in you fucking back dashed and did hugo’s “WHERE’S MAH MONEY HO!?!” aka

then the few times i did get close, fucking 360throw.

that super was ill though.

i did not see that coming at all.

when i get pressured i do stupid shit.



you guys need to come back soon or something.

Pablo is a savage.

“Gief Jr.” Nate Montes gave me a call earlier today and asked me to post on his behalf. He is trying to gather around hispanics and anyone else who would be interested in some SNK specific gaming. NGBC and KOF XI will be the main theme of the day. Location will be at his house, which is already posted in this very thread. Please post up or simply call Nate on his cellular device.

Update for today. Come one, come all!

Would if I could, holmes.

Come on…somebody come over…sheesh!

um, anyone doing anything today? im available for games and such…im staying home…yeah…