I'm a nub at soldering PCB's :P

So, i wrecked my first PCB so i bought a new Logitech controller, which i accidentally broke the PCB in half (memo to self, do not try to remove PCB’s from their casing) so i returned it claiming it was broken and got a new one, i opened it up /without breaking it/ and its completely different from my other controllers PCB.

K, so now since I’m not really that smart. I would like some help finding the solder points (ground and signal) please :slight_smile: much love to whoever helps me out :stuck_out_tongue:

This is for my arcade stick btw :stuck_out_tongue:

First, open up these threads.

Second, read thoroughly
Third, open this thread.

Then re post your question (in the padhacking thread), with improved knowledge on the subject.


It’s not a common ground (at least it doesn’t look like it), so you’re going to have to solder one ground and one signal to each corresponding button. From one point, you should get the general idea.

If you’re going to use a common-ground joystick (ala JLF), you’re going to have to rip traces in it’s PCB to get it to work properly.

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It’s not only not working, but not sticking either, i successfully got the PCB out of the casing, so people can see the back, dont know if it will help.