I'll take a request. If I feel I'm up to it


sup! maybe you can make an avatar with this picture i have here. Just try to make it look nice some how and give it your best shot. Also don’t forget to put, “yOshimOn,” some where on the avatar. Thx so much!:slight_smile:

If you aren’t pleased with it, I honestly won’t be offended. Just say and I’ll make another in my own time.

I’ll take another request as well.

I’d like one with Sagat in it, and Epsilon somewhere. Thanks.

Like I said before, if you’re not pleased, say, and I’ll make another.

Aw hell, I’ll take 2 more requests.

It’s cool, but can you change the font, add an underscore, and have it with a dark blue color scheme, thanks ALOT btw :slight_smile: .

Hey thx! actually you think you can make me this avatar? then i’ll decide which one i like better or maybe you can make changes. Here’s the picture, thx again!