I'll gladly pay ya Tuesday for a knuckle Sammich Today-Matchup Thread

Because if you know what to do, it doesn’t matter how big your cock your is.

Let’s use this thread for sharing tips, tricks, strats, and stories so we can make all of the lovely ladies of Skullgirls, very happy. ; )


"***I’ve heard of armed and dangerous, but this is ridiculous!***"

Cerebella hurts. No matter what. If there’s no other match you want to zone in, this’ll be the one you do. They’ve both got the tools to shut down each others spam so play wisely.



"Here comes trouble! "


"***Maybe she’s born with it~***"


"***A puddy tat! ***"


***“No Pain no Game.”***(Seriously why doesn’t she have this quote?)



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"I’m the real deal, accept no substitutes! "

You know in a lot of other games, a battle of zoners would turn really lame really quick, but you’d be surprise how this is one of the most offensive, and mixup heavy MU’s there is for Peacock.



"***You’ll be ok, sunshine~***"

Reserved even more

Hopefully this’ll be all we need


I play most of my match ups the same way with a few small changes: just fill the screen with garbage. What kind of garbage I fill it with mostly depends on the player not the character.

But two matchups are definitely really annoying:

Painwheel - They tend to be in the air more and I spend more time in these matches trying to get breathing room. Lots of light item drops and jump back j.hk/ j.hp. George at the Air Show is nice when she’s approaching too since item drops tend to miss when she’s flying forward.

Peacock - I hate mirror matches against good Peacocks the most out of any other matchup. I rarely do QCF+H more than one shot or throw out any Georges without Double out there since Peacocks like to teleport behind alot. I like to keep an item drop charged, bait out the teleport and drop it on reaction when she appears and since they brought themselves right behind me, free combo!

can somebody tell me what im supposed to do for the solo Valentine Matchup. she has such a super safe approach with double jump air dash followed by a flying saw and i just dont know what i should do besides maybe LK-Teleport. is that really my best move?

Shadow of impending doom (SoID) M and L work well against valentine, just DONT use the H version, her airdash is too fast for it to track.

Peacock mirror, George L can act as a “security”, i mix a bit of sHP into SoID bang bang bang HP*3 sometime. blocked argus punished after the beam with a teleport for full combo.

Cerebella airdash can be punished on reaction with SoID H it never misses and she cant block.

If you’re Solo too, use George at the air show a lot to keep her air movement limited and don’t be afraid to use j.Hp and j.Hk.
If not your assist should be covering Patricia’s blind spot. Zone as normal as possible and call your assist when you feel it needed.

Bells doesn’t have an airdash last time I took her to the lab. Just a double jump and j.hp which when held will put her into a glide state.
But yeah, drops on reaction are so good in that matchup.

I really feel like Valentine is by far Peacock’s worst matchup. Get hit by her midscreen and she has corner carry combos to put you into situations where she has massive re-vial combos that lead into resets at multiple points during the very long and damaging combo. Her angle of approach is basically dead center around the dead zone in Peacock’s zoning and if she’s backed by the combination invincible + lockdown Double Butt she can pretty much keep you pinned into the corner indefinitely. I really feel like Double assist helps rushdown characters far more than zoning based characters like Peacock ever could despite the shenanigans that Butt + Teleport offer a midscreen Peacock. So … how are you guys approaching this matchup? Do Napalm Pillar / Up-Do do more to aid Peacock in these sorts of situations? And as the Double nerf looms (I’ve been using MK butt to a fair amount of success in my current play but have yet to try LK) … what are you guys doing to adjust your teams?

I’m not adjusting my team at all. I’m keeping the one I have. I never used Double in the first place.

I don’t think Valentine is a bad matchup but I don’t think I’ve really played against her with Double assist (actually have barely played against Double assist, and when I do I usually get rocked), but without it IMO she’s not bad. I think Filia is a pretty bad matchup just because of how fast her airdash is. In terms of adjustments I’m probably just going to use double with MK assist instead. If I find Double doesn’t work anymore, I’m probably just gonna use Napalm Pillar as my assist instead.

Ms. Fortune - She can approach easily from the sky, so have an item drop charged at all times. If her head is off, LK and MK Georges should keep it busy, but sadly you will be cornered and it’s only a matter of time. The answer to the Fortune rushdown dilemma is either item drop/fake teleports or Lenny. Fortune’s head cannot block, but you can block everything Fortune’s head does. If Fortune’s head gets too close, throw down a bomb and start hitting it, watching out for the recovery of the head (if you hit the head, it will recover the instant its hitstun goes away, so try to not hit it). If Fortune tries to recall the head, throw Argus Agony out to punish if you have it, or simply charge up an item drop and throw shit at her. If the head hits past you, or behind you and you blocked, take this opportunity to set up a LK or MK George and teleport behind Fortune (HK) so you can safely escape both the corner and the head.

The other possibility is one that sounds insane because it is: you have to rush Fortune down. She can’t control her head if she’s in a blockstring or if she’s getting hit. When approaching, always expect a DP, and only attempt to punish it on block with LP. Keep your blockstrings true with qcf+LK. Don’t stay close too long, because she can put you between her and the head and apply a lot of pressure. After a blockstring, you can super jump back, HK xx dash back to control the midscreen space and put you full screen. Doing it alone might be too difficult a feat.

And at all times, qcf+P and qcf+PP are off limits if the head is a third of a screen’s distance from you (or at any place behind you, since it’s never further than a bit outside the screen), unless you are actually hit confirming into them.

I think against Filia (1v1) qcf+LK is your best friend. It trades with or stuffs most IAD approaches from mid range and shuts down her slide into shenanigans if she’s at longer range. That said, you can’t just spam it, it needs to be part of a side switching strategy so you avoid getting cornered or put into too much blocking pressure.