IKARI WARRIORS....team ILLustration/sketch

Not exactly a sketch… but more on the illustration side, of things the Ikari warriors arn’t drawn much though- when i was drawing it I was like dosent that Ralf look like that “Ryu” i drew a while ago?..


That is phenomenal work, for certain. Your linework, postures, and facial expressions are all excellent. The only minor problem I see is that Leona’s left hand is way off, the palm is actually smaller than the wrist it’s attached to. But other than that tiny mishap, this is totally fantastic, and I look forward to seeing more of your work. :cool:

vega X thanks for the critique, I love this forum it has so many
great artists here, I appreciate the comment greatly it helps me to work harder and practice more at paying attention to better correct proportions seriously-

I messed up on the hands royaly, and gotta practice much more drawings of hands- they almost look like mushed together instead of actual form, and her elbows/forearms need work too-:confused:

I love the pic. Keep it up.

Nice details, excellent sketch.

Hey this is a good piece. Your style is different from any other. Your ‘‘wiggly linework’’ makes for good flow. Just watch out for the guy on our lefts neck though. Overall great piece man.

What a great Picture!!! I would love to see it colored.

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