IHOP creates sandwich: cheesecake in between pancakes


After Double Down, why the hell not? :wasted:

Great job KFC you just started a new trend of sticking random shit between shit. :confused: (Did that make sense? Good it wasn’t suppose to.)

Oh my.

yo I need to try that immediately.

It’s just stuffed crepes for retards, I don’t see anything new or noteworthy about it.

Kind of like the Double Down is just chicken cordon bleu for retards.

Except it’s not bitchmade like a crepe. THIS IS SERIOUS.


It reminds me of that pancake game from Double Dare.

There will never be a better creation than the luther burger. I was taken by suprise at the move that KFC made. Nowaday, people just want to stick bacon on shit and call it new. Oh, could someone explain to me how throwing bacon and onion rings on something makes it “Texas” style?

Texas is fat.

Putting bacon on it makes you fat.

Therefor Texas --> fat = bacon —> Fat = Texas.

Get it? :looney::looney:


I have a 15 month old who likes to watch “The Wonder Pets” on Nick Jr in the afternoons, and the goddamn duck with a lisp says “THIS IS SERIOUS” in every fucking episode.

I just read your post in the stupid ducks voice.

I repeat: FML.

(also, this ‘sandwich’ is awesome. Haters gonna hate.)

oh lawd i know what i’m gettin next time i go to IHOP

We have entered into a new glorious age of heroes, I agree.

That sounds fucking AWESOME

Fall back on Ling Ling, partner.

Don’t see how this can be considered as a sandwich, I mean you’re going to have to eat that thing with a fork.

i haven’t been to IHOP in a while. Are there stuffed french toast any good, I always wanted to try it?

God damn it, now I’m going to be hearing that too… cus The Wonder Pets are usually on around the time I go visit my 2 year old nephew. :rofl:

Anyways, the stacker pancakes thing doesn’t seem very new. It’s like we’ve seen this kind of shit before from IHOP, so I’m not sure why some of you guys are getting excited over it. :lol:

With that said, I’d try it anyways. Hahaha.

Shit is fucking godlike. Over 1000 calories though.

looks good to me

Sounds gross. I’m imagining the texture, and I’m not getting anything good from that thought.

Is there a french toast option?

It’s fattening, and Texans are fat as fuck?

I’ve had their cheesecake pancakes and it was quite tasty, i imagine this is just the same but with more cheesecake. Will definitely give it a try, i love cheesecake.

Sounds awesome although I’m guessing it could turn out a bit crepe if done wrong.

(Now how about a banofee filling option?)