Ignored inputs?

I was just in training, practicing some RSF, when I got bored and decided to practice other shenanigans (mainly QCB off FP into other stuff). This is when El Fuerte decided to run to the wall and run back into the dummy without stopping.

Now, this has happened before, I’ve actually ran into ultras doing this (Blanka comes to mind off a bait). So, knowing it wasn’t online, I wanted to see if my controller was just not sending out the signal correctly, so I put inputs on. Sure enough, it’s showing the followup button being pushed clearly.

Anywho, I experimented some more with it. Turns out, if you run towards a wall, and push an exit button as El Fuerte is turning, it gets ignored (especially cancel). I actually got the window down pretty frequently.

What’s the deal with this? Is there actually a “busy” window?

i’ve noticed this many times

pressing something when close to the wall will do nothing during a run.

i dont know why it happens , but its really lame

Yes and reversal ex run does not work half the fucking time for no reason.

Hah, I always blamed my ham-handedness for this one, but I believe it >XD

Piano the buttons or double tap it. Itll help maximize the chance of the input going through

this wont help if youre tryin to canel in order to block an incoming ultra. ive had this happen to me many times and ive wanted to throw my remote across the room because i thought it wasnt sending the signal. that would be a dope fix for an update!!

Yeah, running during the Ultra freeze is one of my most hated times in a match. I don’t know if my jab is going to stop the run or what, I usually end up just mashing LP and holding my stick up and away or over their ultra because that atleast should come out. :\


All this time i was thinking either it was me, or online lag

Oh yeah, I’ve confirmed this shit in training mode. It’s so lame.

thanks for the confirmation, been running in a few ultras myself and thought it was me…

i thought i was the only one. holy shit it all makes sense now.

No button works if el fuerte is close to the wall and bouncing back to forward. During that interval nothing works and that is just lame.

I don’t think capcom is going to change that, in some twisted developer mind they want it to work that way (so you don’t tortilla if you are pushed to the wall, i fear). I hate it.