If you were an animated character, who would be your voice?

This thread is retarded so I expect retarded answers. Also I called dibs on Samuel L Jackson motherfuckers.

I would say Morgan Freeman since he’s got the best goddamn voice EVER but alas, I lack blackness.

Edit: I guess Johnny Young Bosch since he’ll do anything and my voice does have a slightly high pitch to it.

Rock gets Phil Lamarr.

Crispin Freeman.

What do you mean “now”? It’s always been the case since the days of Samuel Clemens.

…not to derail the thread or anything

I want virgil’s(static shock)dad as my va Kevin Micheal Richardson

dude’s voice is just about everywhere you look

Ving Rhames

[media=youtube]BHTeq3klVZY"[/media] Nicca Voice is Godlike.

Edit : Oh yeah and probably DMX. lol:cool:

steve blum or johnny yong bosch because they get all the voice over roles anyway.

I’d love to have JYB’s voice as well. :rofl:

Coach McGuirk/Archers VA H. Jon Benjamin

I’ll take James Earl Jones - Baddest Voice Ever!

or Van Damme, i really his accent in Kick Boxer

I’ll take Mark Hamill.


[media=youtube]3CeYTRm6tiM[/media] << thanks to a co-worker, Earl Jones has my vote.

  • James Earl Jones as Old Bear Ryoma.
  • Eddie Murphy as Drunken Bear Ryoma.
  • Malcom Jamaal Warner as Mid Bear Ryoma.
  • Mark Hamil as Clone Bear Ryoma.
  • Scott McNeil as Evil Omega Bear Ryoma.
  • David Kaye as Evil Bear Ryoma.
  • LeVarr Burton as Young Bear Ryoma.
  • Regina King as Toddler Bear Ryoma.
  • Kyla Pratt as Baby Bear Ryoma.

Hey hey back off!

Donald Glover. In fact, Mr. Glover could play me easily. Hmmm… If I were rich enough, I’d cast him as me to go to things I don’t want to go to. :tup:

Seth MacFarlane…his normal voice.

Steve Blum.

Because I’m Buddhist that way.

As I see it.

Will Arnett.


He also does voice overs in a possibly even cooler voice.

Lmao, I was coming in here thinking of saying Samuel L Jackson, but of course dude had dibs in the first fucking post roflmao!!! :rofl: