If you want to tell Wiz and SRK admins how you feel about the forums closing


<3 -Preppy

It’s Rizon.net

You’re asking for a lot when people’s emotions are still running high, especially the things we’ve heard.

Will the actual Shoryuken.com STILL be going after this?

Because let’s be honest, without the forums, its just another site.

Lol they noticed we in their bases

[22:28] <bflamingo> wait
[22:28] <bflamingo> weren’t we supposed to never link to IRC ever on SRK
[22:28] <bROG> nah, food stamps stingy as fuck now

Just made bflamingo ragequit.

This savagery should be preserved, unfortunatley it’s only got 2 weeks left

[00:25] <Killa> Hah you think Mcribs are your ally? You merely ate the Mcrib. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the dollar menu until I was already a man. By then I was already fat as shit -MrWiz

Yep, going to take care of my daughter is def a rage quit.

woah blueflamingo hot grill

eat u like i eat rib

Surprise Surprise BlueFlamingo is a faggo t.


just tell them that the viewers will return because now the Greatest Poster has returned.

There will be great threads and great posts again.

A site I would not be visiting.

Unless someone passes me an article, I never visit the front page.

I bet she cries less than you.

I wish, I could maybe get a decent nights sleep if that were the case.

irc is the place 2 be YET AGAIN, move from efnet still balls tho

You poor bastard.

WTF? SRK is going tits up?

You know what they say? All good things must…

shut up bitch noob


When did they move from efnet? It’s been a minute since I been to the secret channel but now ZOOLANDER RUINED IT.

They moved some years back. You could find how to get to the efnet channel from SRK already; when you got there people told you to go to rizon.

Shrugs all around.