If you pretend it's Talbain

OK, so this has nothing to do with fan art, but I just finished it and felt like posting it. Can’t say much about it, but it’s sample art I’m doing for a writer, trying to get him to hire me :stuck_out_tongue: Done with ink and Photoshop. C&C is welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:


Cool. Hard to see some of the details though.

lol I didn’t even notice you posted it here… nice work, I already told you what I thought of it.

ooo cool stuff, i like, lighting is good :cool:

heh, don’t worry abt it being non-fan art, SRK has usully been appreciative of good art, no matter what the subject matter :slight_smile:

I like the pic, nice stark shdows cast by the crucifixes. I really like the pose the werewolf is in, I can believe he’s either trying to shield his eyes from the light/holy symbols.

I think that the light should be brighter (which means lighter values & less detail on the parts nearest the crucifixes… I’m thinking it might make the scene more dramatic that way.

good stuff as usual :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks guys.

Rook, thanks for the advice. Now that I look back on it, I agree that I could have gotten away with intensifying the light a whole lot more.

It looks good as is. Yeah maybe lighting it more would help as rokk said. overall the inking is top notchand very challemging to ink something like that.