If you own a VLX stick come here!

I am looking for pictures of the VLX stick as I am planning on building something similar to it. I have found plenty of pictures online, but since the outside edges of the stick are a very glossy white, it makes it hard to see how many angle cuts there are and exactly how they were done. So if anyone that owns one of these beauties would be so kind as to take some pictures with minimum glare so I can see exactly what it all looks like I would really appreciate it!

I was using my friend’s TE stick and the angles on the front look just like the ones on the VLX. Is this correct or are they “similar” cuts on both sticks?


I think he has all that

they are similar, not the same.

on the TE, you dont even get to enjoy the reasons for the angles with the buttons being so high up on the panel.

Anyway to change that maybe?

custom panel with buttons and stick moved about 2 inches down

Eh it’d be awesome if they sold them

art hong.

If you want it EXACT, hopefully a VLX owner will come on and share the dimensions with you.

But, here’s something that should get you close:

Cut your side piece using those dimensions. Then just take a 3/4" bevel router bit to it and you’ll have something VERY SIMILAR to a VLX or Vewlix panel.



Pics of me unboxing my VLX. Dunno if it has the pics you want, tho.

Thanks dude, this helps a lot. Found a couple of pics that also help, but like you said, hopefully a VLX owner pops in and gives us some exact measurements. Thanks again though!!!

i would say icons, rather than pics