If you open up the TE from the top 6 screws

And not touch anything, just open it a few times, does MadCatz have any way of knowing that it has been opened previously?
I think there’s a sticker, but thats on the bottom, not on the HEX screws on the top.

This is all a hypothetical, of course.

Not that I’m aware of. There is no seal around the top.

Nope - this is a major flaw in Mad Catz’s anti tampering measures, so take advantage…


Won’t you still be faced with the red glue? That would give you away.

The buttons and the quick disconnects don’t have glue on them. At least, mine didn’t so you can mess around with those without giving yourself away.

^ I don’t think anyone sees the “red glue” as a security measure, especially as I’ve opened up three TE sticks in the past that had no such glue inside it (aside from the bolt nuts which are hidden from view). This glue is only used as a securing aid to stop screws and ribbon cables from coming loose in transit.

But if you were worried about something like that, then you could just pop off the bits of glue with a knife then melt them back on afterwards.

Rule of thumb: if you aren’t damaging anything that says “warranty void if seal broken”, then it’s cool.

Ah great, thanks all,

Yes, when you try to return it minus circut boards…

Warranty? You don’t need no stinkin warranty!!!