If you created your own fighting game

If you created your own fighting game…<br><br>What theme, story and gameplay would you give it?

Here are themes such as:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Schools
  • Martial Arts
  • Beasts
  • Supernatural
  • Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Gangs

Fart attacks

outside of the core gameplay itself, it would have every single feature that Skullgirls has (character select button checks, ggpo, training mode, controller stuff etc.) I’d make the game very easy to pick up so people who play casually can have a great time. I’d also throw in a ton of system mechanics people could experiment with in training mode.

edit: I also like the idea of character specific dialogue before a match, like SVC.

Pirates vs Ninjas

Marvel VS DC

  • 2 VS 2 Battles
  • 1 round with 3 health bars (armor, life, will) per character, so all together 6 life bars and the potential to pretty damn long games
  • no health regeneration
  • 3:30 minutes timer
  • rich super meter: one super-meter with 3 bars (1 bar a light dmg super, 2 bars for medium dmg and 3 bars for heavy damage that actually destroys the entire stage, so that it looks differently)
  • additional meter for EX-moves, push backs and stuff like that
  • combos mainly based on hit-stun and not juggeling
  • no X-Factor or such crap like that
  • chip damage only on specials and supers
  • back to block

Strip Fighter.

I cant think of one Cyberpunk themed fighter.

I’d just make third strike again but with no Twelve in it

themes would be urban I guess.
But dude it’d be one insane game! The game would just be straight up button mashing with infinite combos and you can do like, A MILLION DAMAGE which is the same amount for chip damage in the game.
The game would be hype as shit. and when i say its hype it’sFUCKING HYPE

I would make Shaq Fu with the Marvel Super Heroes engine.

An MvC2 paced analog 6 button platform tag team fighter with dynamic knockback and hitstun.

No comeback mechanics.

Every1 buffed
sentinel toned down just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil bit (we all know he doesn’t need an unblockable.)
added umvc3 characters.
X is actually in the game.
A way to do medium attacks on whiff. 6p/6k

fuck we already have the sprites http://shogunflow.tumblr.com/image/27916448791
lets do this shit.

Every now and then I think of some pretty stupid game ideas. Among the recurring fighting game ones are:

  1. A game that uses similar mechanics to the Touhou fighting games (like Scarlet Weather Rhapsody), with a focus on using various projectiles and evading, but without the card system. Maybe something where projectiles can be evaded/moved through using multi-directional dashing, rather than flight, or alternatively the projectiles could be reflected/absorbed in order to generate new attacks dependent on properly timed/aimed specials.

  2. A fighting game with a theme of predominately inhuman character designs, largely grounded in horror concepts. Not sure about the mechanics, but I keep imagining a game that might allow players to pit things against each other ranging from a giant roach-like insect, to a slime monster (perhaps somewhat anthropomorphized), to a creature inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing designs (I usually think of something similar to the two-faced creature in the inferior prequel movie).

  3. If there’s a franchise out there that I think would be perfect for a fighting game, perhaps as a Street Fighter-esc game, it’d be Avatar: The Last Airbender. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely outside of fan projects and, unfortunately, those seem to end invariably in C&D.

2D fighting game with none of the traditional 2D fighting game flair such as fireballs or dragon punches, no special powers, characters would be similar to Virtua Fighter/Tekken based on authentic fighting styles. Gameplay would be based around ground fighting, with pursuit attacks and heavy emphasis on throws/grappling. Jumping would be on par with KOF’s hopping. There would be a weight class system in place that decides how easy/difficult they are to score a knockdown on, along with deciding how much fall damage they take, and their recovery time from a knockdown. Real Bout Fatal Fury style ring outs. Similar to VF, characters can interact with walls and even perform special wall throws.

Story would be like an 80’s martial arts/buddy cop film. Main story mode will play out like a 2D beat’em up such as Streets Of Rage with multiple paths, bosses, rival fights and different endings.

Also at least 1 heavyweight female fighter.

Other idea is a 3D fighting game, but with traditional 2D fighting game elements. Used to be plenty of these in the past like Battle Arena Toshinden, but they weren’t all that great. I think SNK had something going with the KOF Maximum Impact games, but it just needed some refinement. I think something like that could really blur the boundary between 2D and 3D fighting games.

I may not be an expert on gameplay.

But I can figure out some theme and story

Theme: Magic & Alchemy

2 Millenniums ago, magic and alchemy have existed since man was ever born. Until a rivalry formed between magic and alchemy. Now in the modern age, two best friends master magic and alchemy, seek to end the rivaled cycle or letting it continue. And they’ll face many challenges to see which power is superior… magic or alchemy.

I don’t know, why don’t you ask me here, in the thread about my fighting game?

I’ve been thinking of this kind of idea as well. As the “3D as a 2D” game, Genesis VF2 tried that with…Results. Daraku Tenshi sorta felt like this. Something I really would like to see tried and fleshed out more.

I always felt MI had potential, but got stuck in a few ways.

About the armor fighting game. That can be a combination of Iron Man, Transformers and Medabots.

The gameplay: It would be in 3D. The fighters will all be in different types of armor, from shooting, swords, animal-type weaponry, defenses, etc. Whenever a fighter attacks the opponent’s piece of armor, malfunctions or gets destroyed. The finishers would be the user to instantly remove their armor and transform it into a finisher so that the armor would do the final attack.

  1. It would be 1080p 2d sprites with hand painted backgrounds
  2. It would have no humanoid characters.
  3. You could damage various parts of the body, making the opponent unable to use those parts or slowing his movement, getting dizzy easier (concussion), and more.
  4. There wouldn’t be rounds…but maybe multiple life bars like Vampire Savior or one huge life bar.
  5. It would emphasize strategy, knowing ranges, but also having strong rushdown factor
  6. No comeback mechanics
  7. Heavy metal soundtrack
  8. Every character would be completely different even if this results in a smaller cast

Skies the limit with budget for some of you guys, eh?