If you could make one change to the mechanics (no troll)

Just one change to the game, what would it be?

For me, based on everything I’ve observed, not being able to combo off of a grab. You gotta’ admit it’s ridiculous that one air grab leads to 70% damage.


With the removal of the dhc glitch and toning down of x-factor hopefully this means that this is going to happen a lot less though let’s not get too excited.

On to the most pressing matter however they need to give Super Skrull back his old Inferno hyper speech.

He loves you.

I really don’t have a problem with grab combos, I think the damage from combos is just too high universally. Also maybe it should be limited to characters who would otherwise lose to up/back (Felicia, for example) but that’s an entirely different conversation.

Damage dealt seems a bit absurd now (without DHC or damage scaling glitches). This would also curb the rate at which meter builds.

I don’t think tweaking things to make some characters combos “harder” or “shorter” or “not longer possible” was the right way to handle this to be honest.

Hopefully they removed the 50% scaling minimum or strength boost from XF, because having both was nuts.

Have when a person guesses correctly during TAC the opponenet gets put into a soft knockdown allowing the player to mix them up and whatever.

remove TAC.

Take TAC out of the game. Or at least fix the high-reward/low-risk nature of it. You can’t even punish after a countered TAC.

That and halve the fucking damage and don’t let 5x c.L hit confirm into a full fucking combo.

Remove fucking OS throw. Shit breaks the game at round startup for too many characters coughfuckmagscough

Take out TACs - This is perhaps the scrubbiest in-game mechanic in existence. What’s worse is that by displaying combos involving unbroken TACs in their gameplay trailers, Capcom actually encourage new players to use this mechanic

Just ONE?

  • Remove TAC (Though they clearly added it for adding combo variety & noob accessibility…there are certain things you can only do with TAC. If they took the entire meter gain/loss and just left it for creating cool looking combos…great…but right now the mechanic fucking sucks. I’ll admit…I do love doing the Sentinel TAC combo, but I hate the mechanic…if that makes any sense.)

  • Lower DMG

  • Lower Meter gain

  • Change X-factor

Make Shoryukens cause hard knockdown. It happens in Street Fighter, but not in Marvel, where it needs to be good, especially because of air blocking.

Ehh, I’d tone down X Factor. Not take it out completely; the aspect of negating chip damage, cancelling moves (like supers into supers) and regaining red life is cool and interesting, but everything else I’d throw away.
Change it from a comeback mechanic to a more of an adrenaline filled last stand.

But I guess that’s why I’m not a game designer…

This. Get that shit outta here.

I really don’t get why people have a problem with this. It would be nightmarish if my staple duo of Thor/Doom had to fight without their cr.l leading to their BNB’s but Wolverine’s, Dante’s, and Magneto’s very useful hard attacks did. The real issue is actually the damage itself, which usually leads to a character getting wiped off the stage regardless of what the opening hit was.

I’d redo X-factor. Take out the damage and speed bonus, allow it to cancel anything upon activation (Including enemy combos) make it reduce damage scaling and hitstun scaling equally across the board (Maybe 50% minimum damage scaling or something. I dunno. Something balanced.) eliminate all chip damage while active and have XF3 last 10 seconds or so.

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Everyone complaining about TAC’s… you know in UMvC3 they increased the time to counter and make each direction of TAC flash a certain color, so with fast reflexes you can counter a TAC by reaction now… right?

I’d retool the XF benefits.

XF1- 10 seconds, 15% damage buff, 15% speed buff
XF2- 15 seconds, 25% damage buff, 20% speed buff
XF3- 20 seconds, 35% damage buff, 25% speed buff

Some characters can be +/- 5-10% on damage or speed depending on their ability. Characters like Ammy could only gain a %15 speed buff while Morrigan can still gain up to 40% in speed buff at XF3 for example. Only a handful of characters like Sent or Hulk have the right to go +10% on damage for 45% damage increase in XF3.

If I could change things further I’d go with this by order.
-Throws are two buttons for dead option selects and air guards on characters who had it removed.
-Everyone except the hardest hitters(Hulk, Phoenix, etc) can combo off throws easily. Hardest hitters need strict timing to make it happen.
-TAC counters can lead to full combos and loss of 1/3rd bar straight into the ether for the TAC spammers.

The XF change is what I would really apply if given the chance though.

Option-select throws, especially option-select air throws.