If you could be trained by any SSFF character

Who would it be? You’d get a move set similar to theirs, and you’d have to hang out with them a lot of the time.

I think I’d- believe it or not- be trained by THE Dan Hibiki. Think of how fun it’d be. I’d just hang out with Sakura and Blanka, and it would be awesome.

Bison and Dudley.

That’s a good one. Something tells me Dan knows a thing or two about showmanship too. Him.

But for me, another one would be my main: Dee Jay. I’d like to think he knows where the good greens are, the best music bars, and how to cope with a lack of overhead.

Mm. Good call on the Dee Jay, but I’ll bet Blanka knows how to GROW the greens.

Being able to teleport in real life would be awesome, so I’d say Dhalsim (learning how to spit fire can never be a bad thing either). And Claw, because I want to be able to fly, and I’ve always wanted to know what being a Goomba feels like.

dhalsim hands down. Telepoting, spitting out fire, and being able to stretch? oh what i would do if i was able to stretch like him lol…

It’s a tie between El Fuerte and Ibuki. El Fuerte would be fun to be around with, while I would learn ninja shit from Ibuki.

You guys also have to keep in mind how hard work this crap would be. Dhalsim? Your day will probably be:

30% crazy spine breaking yoga
30% ass kicking
20% prayer.

I’d die.

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Well of course. Them tropical jungles n all are great places for growing all kinds of vegetation.
Plus seeing as how I know Dee Jay knows where to FIND the herb, he’s probably getting it from Blanka anyway.
I’d like to learn his kicks.

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I’m assuming magic.

Gen. Because being that fast, plus being able to say !@#% you to death is pretty damn awesome.

Viper so I could fuck her later.

And I wouldn’t need to train shit, just give me a suit and I’m good to go.

Common, Chun-Li and Cammy can make me learn whatever they want!

To fight though, I would say Sagat for his Muay Thai if only he knew how to teleport…

M.Bison, for epic psycho powers. I could stomp on people all day and make abortions with Psycho Punisher!
Akuma for epic hand-to hand abilities, fireballs, raging demon!
Gen- All the crazy moves he does, assasin style
Zangief- Training with bears in siberia? I train wrestling anyway, count me in!

Ken for doing a Dragon Punch while smiling at ur face

Who else but Gouken?

THE trainer in the game.(of course it’d be nicest to be trained by Shin Gouken, but that stuff be broke yo)

Seriously though, the guy has got the classic wise and kind master thing going and when he dies off to plot, he’s the one wise master that comes back alive and not just some spirit mumbling in your ear^^

Bison, because I love Lerdrit (Which is pretty much the art he practices)
Though the jumping off the walls with Vega and backflips…I think I’d want to get trained by them both.


Personally? I’d say Abel. You’d learn how to be a human rollercoaster, and if you can’t be bothered to train, he’ll be too focused on his dogs to care. And he’d probably forget you didn’t turn up anyway.

Gen, all the way! He trained Chun-Li for a time, and both Yun and Yang, and they all seem to have come out just fine. All his awesome moves go without question, but I really want to be able to Teiga someone out of a window if they piss me off. Or just stand in the corner of a room doing his balancing on one leg win stance with THAT frown glaring at someone.