If You could Adjust Fei Long

what would you change? For me, besides the given that I’m sure most player agree about (changing ultra and tenshin) I would probably do some of the following…

  1. cr.mk combo- when I think about it, I think Fei is the only character who has no low attack that can cancel out of.
  2. change Forward + HK- seriously does any ever use this? Sucks how the second hit misses at max range and the recovery freakin hurts.
  3. EX Rekkaken goes through fireballs like EX Chicken Wing
  4. Give Fei some sort of launcher- see Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte.
  5. Alter Flame Kick- this move trades so much.

Now I know my ideas aren’t really thought out, but I felt like posting them anyway. If you think they are dumb, that’s fine. So what changes would you make if you could? :wonder:

I use toward HK a decent amount lol, is lame second hit wiffs at max range I agree but oh well.

I just want more damage on rekkas and a way to combo into ultra. Tenshin, I’m cool with. If I changed anything on it, it would be to reduce it by 2 frames on both the NQ and EX versions.

I’d change his alternate costume to Bruce’s yellow jumpsuit

… I’ll pass on fighting in some skin-tight shorts

What would be interresting is to try to figure out why Fei has those cons we want to change. If we can found what the developpers wanted to counter-balance, I think this discussion will make much more sense. Without that, everyone will just post to describe their “dream Fei”.

However, here are the cons that seems unfair to me :

  • Change LK Flame Kick. It has very few invincibility frames so reduce the recovery time for it. It’s quite unfair when compared to LP dragon punch
  • Reduce recovery frames for fwd dashes
  • Make Ultra sequence start after first hit or make it travel further. Or don’t make it sound like it is fireball proof.

You mean:

“It is not possible to combo into Fei’s ultra because his Focus Attack is arguably one of the best in the game.” (My theory)


The only thing i really miss is how powerful rekkas once were. If that power was brought back, I’d be golden.

  • More linkable normals.
  • Seriously rework Tenshin … It’s a joke actually. Starting from its moveset ! How many times I chained a s.HP with a fuckin Tenshin instead of a flame kick, after a crossover …
  • Just a bit more attack power.

Everything else is fine, imho.

Do you really think the developers have that much insight? I think they just rushed some of the console characters.

Just that:

  • more damage on Rekka (18 rekkas to kill gouki, that’s a lot)
  • overhead Chicken wing

This along with improved Tenshin. It should be similar to Yun/Yang’s verison, a command throw that hits instantly when close but leaves you open on whiff. I hate getting sweeped before I even get the chance to whiff the move(which happens 90% of the time).

The ability to block instantly after a dash as opposed to getting caught everytime I rush forward 2 to 3 times. lol.

Seriously, as fast as he dashes forward, if he was to be able to instantly block right after a dash, that would set up so many mindgames and put so much potential in his already existing moves.

The old chickenwing. That’s all.

how about make his flame kick not suck? you can’t do it when someone crosses you up well, it just gets beat. it also gets beat or trades too often, IMO, on too many jump-ins. better range and recovery would be nice. as an comparison, ken’s DP is really nice, i wish Fei’s FK was more like this.

more rekka damage.

almost everyone in the game can cancel from the their crouching mediums into their specials. fei can’t, only his super works. i wish that would be adjusted. yes, i know i can cr.mp > cr.lp > rekka… but it just isn’t the same.

I wish Fei’s Flame Kick would burn off all of the Female’s outfits. That would be nice.

Seriously man, of course they had…
Do you think they’ll had 9 new characters without thinking about balance ? This doesn’t make sense at all. They had at least 5 months to do so (and much more i think since they did not planned to add console characters only after the arcade release).

For example, what if CW was still overhead ? How it will affect charged characters ? Maybe that Guile won’t have many options left now that CW leads to combos.

Well Im still skeptical of developer’s sense of balance sometimes. (Maybe its from playing WoW for a long time).I think that serious players have better clue than game designers sometimes.
Look at all the new characters (viper, rufus, El fuerte, and abel), I think they did a way better job on them then some of the console characters. They are all pretty unique and have launchers or can juggle into ultras. Cammy, Fei, and Rose just seem like “meh”

Yeah because Guile definately wasn’t in Super Street Fighter II Turbo was he? Neither was Blanka or Boxer or Bison, and ofcourse Vega wasn’t in it.

…wait…oh they were, and Fei was still low tier.

Oh yeah i forgot SF 4 is just SF 2 Turbo Turbo. Oh wait no, it’s different games and oh yes, your statement was just stupid.

i wanna see this argument settled online.

Lets see…

All hits of ultra ground the opponent on air hit.

Flame Kick slightly larger hit box and invincibility frames to cover atleast 1-2 frames after its active.

LK version either slight more invincibility or faster recovery.

First hit of rekkas safe at any distance.

Flame rekkas travels further, and eats fireballs on frame 1.

cr.MK and cr.MP special cancelable.

less recovery on cl.HP. Shouldn’t be unsafe on hit.

combo cr.LP after towards+MK

second hit of ultra reaches further. Shouldn’t whiff after hitting with the first. I’ve been killed for LANDING the ultra before at max range.

command grab has faster startup. if not faster startup, make it throw invulnerable.

LK and MK chicken wing slower startup to prevent infinites, more invincibility, longer hit stun for combos. If not then atleast make it overhead.