If you can remember... First comic owned

i remember my mom getting this for me when i was 7 years old at a grocery store
it wasnt the greatest issue to start with because i had no idea what was going on, just thrown into a story about johnny finding out alicia was lyja the skrull, but it had a sweet battle with the FF and skrulls with alicia eventually being rescued

it is a die cut cover and the inside of the covers have a bunch of heroes and villains charging at each other, so i got to see most of the marvel universe from this one book

i still have it and its pretty beat up, but i love it cause it got me started on marvel

Mutanimals miniseries. My mom bought me all of them for my birthday when I was like 6.
When my grandparents opened their antique shop my cousin gave me the first 5 issues of X-Men: 2099 as well.

I’ve read my older brother’s comics for a while before I started to pick them up, but my first comic that I owned and paid for myself was Amazing Spider-Man #267, I was about 10 years old. A kid brought the issue into school and there were women wearing bikinis sun bathing on a roof. Raging hormones! :rofl:


It was written by Peter David and I didn’t realize this for years even after he became my favorite writer. PAD started it all. :cool:

After that I stayed with Amazing Spider-Man but went for more light hearted stuff that was right / more appropriate for my age. Spider-Ham #2 was my second issue. Since I read a lot of my older brother’s comics I was able to follow most of the jokes! Then Muppet Babies and Droids off of Marvel’s S.T.A.R. line. Donald Duck was my favorite cartoon character so I picked up his comic and discovered Carl Barks, Al Taliaferro and a little later, Don Rosa.

When I got into Robotech I picked up the comic based on my favorite part, New Generation.

Now if I go into the stuff I read from my brother’s comics, before and after actually buying one I wouldn’t know where to begin. Secret Wars, Secret Wars 2, Uncanny X-Men, the Dark Knight Returns, Marvel’s Star Wars comic, etc., etc., etc. He even collected the old Marvel Universe books which probably kicked off my passion for continuity! I read every issue cover to cover. :china:

It’s funny that my brother started me out on the hobby (well, that and raging hormones lol) and he doesn’t buy comics anymore. He moved on to collecting records since he’s a deejay now. I do own most of his old comics now in 4 large white boxes. My own collection far eclipses that. I have like 20 + white boxes now and still growing. :smile:

Uncanny X-Men #100. My uncle worked for a magazine company and would sometimes bring me stripped (coverless) comics. This one blew me away and I became a fan of the original X-Men, especially Angel.

My first comic was Web of Spider-Man #95. Like FATAL, mine was a clusterfuck of all sorts of characters, and so I was sort of thrust into the story. Quite honestly, I don’t remember what happens. It starts out with Spidey carrying a webbed up Hobgoblin, then Demogoblin, Doppleganger, Ghost Rider, and Venom all show up and everything goes straight to hell. I knew some of the characters already, perhaps from watching Spider-Man TAS. Yeah, I think I got it at Wal-Mart. It would be years before I would step into a comic shop. Back then, I got most of my comics from an old country grocery store.


I can’t promise this is the first comic I ever owned, but it’s the first comic I recall ever owning:


I still have it, though it’s in abysmal condition. My first grade self apparently found it necessary to protect my ownership of it by adding my name to the cover.

The storyline centered around a hallucinogenic drug that was destroying the minds of street urchins in Rio de Janiero, as well as a female serial killer called The Queen of Hearts, whose gimmick was drilling people’s hearts out and keeping them in little heart-sized baby cribs. It was all very grim, gritty, and post-Watchmen. Very wholesome reading for a six year old.

^^^That sounds pretty amazing. I never got into comics but I would have if I read that.

This was the first short comic I owned. Mr. T and the T force. Mr. T himself gave it to me in Chicago. He said I pity the fool and pulled it out of a cardboard box, gave it to me and then quickly walked off.

if i can recall i think it was a fantastic 4 comic. in middle school all my friends

were into comics and comic cards.

I finally found it. I sorta remembered it, but not really. I was never allowed to have comics as a kid, but I traded my friend for this. I think I traded him some pogs or some other crap.

X-Force #28

My first comic was an issue of Detective Comics, but what the cover looked like or waht the issue # was I don’t recall. All I do remember was I was 5 years old, my grandfather bought it for me when we stopped @ Safeway. I took it home and took a pair of scissors to it and started cutting out this illustrations of Batman hanging from the side of a helicopter and Joker was stepping on his hands.

From there, I was mildly interested in comics until I hit 5th grade and discovered my first comic book store. My first comic purchase then?
Robotech: The Next Generation #1 (Comico).

i can’t find the cover… but im sure i have it around here somewhere… i had read my uncle’s comics all the time, he actually worked for marvel for a short time but i never had any of my own… then i was at the library and i saw a comic with cable on the cover and i remembered reading about him before so i bought it… it was actually either x-men or the x-force i can’t recall… but i remember the plot centered around the x-men being imprisoned on genosha… gambit busts jubilee and storm out after running into cable in the jungle… then storm causes a huge rainstorm the makes a dam break… blob threatens a redshirt to get him an umbrella or else and gambit gazes onto storm saying “Dis i did not know she could do” … i liked it alot… it really helped expand my love for cable and gambit both… gotta go find that cover