If they made CvS3

Would you play it? CvS2 was awesome, and I just want to know if you guys think they should make another one.

Yes, but if the game is anything like the other new capcom games that have come out it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable as it’s predecessor. What they should really do is put CvS2 on xbl/psn.

That would be awesome, but only with a GGPO netcode, cause that game is a whole lot faster, and sf4 netcode would make that game terrible.

CvS3? No.:shake:

SVC 2 (SNK) on the other hand… :rock:

Nooooo. CvS was the way to go!

I’ll play CvS2 instead.

The same way I’m doing with MvC3.



@OP: I’d love to play a sequel that stays true to CvS2, but have zero confidence in any of Capcom’s current development teams. Maybe if they let the old heads like the team at Arika or Noritaka Funamizu’s new company (made the Super DBZ arcade game) work on it, then it could meet our expectations.

I’d like it is it were like the old stuff. But they’d just put in auto combo buttons and comeback mechanics. I’d rather have CvS2 online.

I’d play it under these conditions:

[]Grooves return
]2D sprites, done by SNK (perhaps in the style of KoFXIII)

The idea of a CvS game being tailored to the current generation of easy mode molly-coddling Capcom games is offensive to me.

i never got to play cvs2, and while id be more interested in playing that, this would be cool too

id worry though, that if the cvs series was given some attention, people would have to start saying that sfex3gold was the best fighting game of all time

If they were to make it, it would be horrible just one big A groove combo fest

how do you know…?

in this day and age, if there was a cvs3, Id worry about garbage engine and the game being slow and various other ways they’ll try to add so its more “scrub friendly” or whatever. wouldnt worry about balance. sf4 is pretty dang balanced.

if there is a cvs3, Id want the engine to remain faithful to cvs2. rest of it can be balanced. while I like agroove, we dont need 80/90% damage from a single combo. it would be pretty amazing if cvs2 looked like umvc3. that looks 100x better than the retarded-ass sf4 design.