If there was an alien-based fighting game...?

If there was an alien-based fighting game, how do you picture it?

Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, involved fighters from various countries around the globe.

  • Ryu had a connection to the Satsui no Hadou while Jin had a connection to the Devil Gene

Mortal Kombat involved fighters from different realms.

They should make a fighting game that involved fighters from different planets.

It can be a mix of War Planets: Shadow Raiders

Dragon Ball Z

Ben 10

Including Star Wars, Ratchet & Clank and many other pop cultures that involved space.

Cool game idea bro!!!

Let me tell you about how much we need ideas

I can imagine the guest character to be Ratchet and Clank.

… Star Gladiator?

Plus all your favorite special guest characters!

How so?

I mean… most people don’t just post a thread saying “it would be awesome if there was a fighting game about so and so”. If they post a thread about a game idea it’s because they’re actually working on such a game and not just gushing about how awesome it would be to have a game that’s about (insert premise here). Your idea for a fighting game about characters from different planets is nothing new or original. They already made several games with this premise, one of which is called Galaxy Fight.


Ideas for games are a dime a dozen. Everyone has ideas. If you aren’t actually making a game then no one cares.


Wasn’t there one terrible alien based fighting game from 3DRealms?


Don’t forget Cosmic Carnage for the 32x.

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Dafuq did I just watched?

Xenophage looks pretty fun, in a really dumb and broken kind of way.

I’m making a fighting game with aliens http://www.disturbingtheverse.com/
/end shameless promotion :stuck_out_tongue:

Better option: DO forget it.

Game sucked

Star Gladiator was the best suggestion so far. I wish there was enough demand for them to make a new one.

Galaxy fight seems nice despite the lack of corners. Or at least way better than the other two other games with gameplay posted here.

Well there are some interesting aspects to it. Here are some vs matches by @IM_Amazon


killer instinct seem to have what you are looking for…

Dark Rift was one

I wish Bilstein could have returned in TVC or Marvel since I quite enjoy his design and once heard the argument that Capcom’s side has too few villains compared to Marvel’s characters.