If smashers can reprogram smash and make thier own versions of it

why can’t SRKers reprogram and modify the SSF4 code to make a few custom versions that rebalence the game or add to it. Seems SRKers are very afraid of change. I can play 4 different versions of Brawl(vanilla,+,-,balanced brawl) that have 4 different play styles and the tiers change arround from version to version. Thats fun. All I am wondering is why do people here whine about scrubtras/ultras,FADC, no parries(hated that), character imbalences etc in SF4 when they can just go alter the code of the game and maker thier own version of the game. Designed the way we want the game to be made not seth or capcom.

Let me try explaining:

  1. SSF4 is across two and soon to be three platforms: 360, PS3, and Arcade. It would be difficult to have all the codes ported from one platform to another without having any differences. Brawl, on the other hand, is a Wii exclusive.

  2. The Wii is extremely easy to hack; the others not so much. Not to mention that you can lose your online account because it’s hacked.

  3. The Brawl mods started out mostly because people were extremely dissatisfied with Brawl with different reasons: Balanced - Brawl desperately needs better balancing, + - Designed as a more offensive Brawl with combos and what not, - - Not sure with this one, but I think it’s supposed to be an affectionate parody of +.

The IV series, despite its flaws, has been much better accepted over time, and we also have HD Remix and soon 3rd Strike available to us to play online if any of us are not into IV. SSB and Melee are heavily restricted to offline play save for emulators I think.

Make SF4 better. What about say…parries,air raves, JD, removal of ultras.

  1. Hacking the PC version won’t do anything. The PC release is just the original SFIV and not everyone is going to go out and buy that. Besides, what do you about the ten other characters that were put in Super?
  2. So then why is it that people find a way to hack it two weeks after each system update?

You can literally insert an SD card with a couple files on it into your Wii, select it from the Wii’s own system menu, and autoboot a program to install the homebrew channel onto your Wii within seconds.

Blammo, you can now use a plethora of Brawl hacks. The Wii is the easiest game console to hack in history.

A game should be good from the moment of purchase. /thread

The changes you propose are simply opinion based (parries, removel of ultra system), and only a Smash player would bet their own opinion against a respected design team. If the things you wanted were the things the majority wanted, it might be a different story.

Street Fighter is also much less profitable than Smash, so saying “hey Capcom employees; thanks for sticking your neck out to make us a game, but here’s what you should have done.” Would be very assinine. It might finish the series off for good.

Also, adding parries would be more difficult and game altering than anything that has been done in brawl hacks.

The Smash community have good reason to resort to hacks. Nintendo made it clear they have no intention of continuing Smash Bros as a competitive series of fighters, so the large fanbase that grew around 64/Melee have no choice but to use hacks if they want to keep their games updated and relevant.

While SFIV has flaws, arguably, Capcom will continue supporting SFII, 3rd Strike, and the spinoff games, and it has no intention of alienating the community based around their series of fighters.

Usualy response from typical SRKer

1.It’s called making your own game.

Like Mike_Z with SkullGirls.

  1. Go back to the old games.(CvS2, CFJ, Sf3, etc…)

  2. If a game can’t be played competitively on default, it’s not a game worth playing competitively.