If my team current team is any good

Okay I had an old team that took me all the way to High Lord but got demoted back down to 1st lord due to projectile based characters. Then my game file got corrupted so I had to delete and re-install the game all over again. That team was Hsien-ko (Senpu Bu)/ Chun-li (Hyakuretsukyaku H)/ Trish (Low Voltage). I thought that Hsien-ko was my main character but I figured out that my Trish was the one who cleaned up what my other characters did or was my comeback character. So I dropped Hsien-ko and Chun and picked up Haggar and Tron; I picked up Tron for one reason and that is in Vanilla I used the team of Viper/Tron/Morrigan but now I totally forgot how to use her. I relearned her again and I can properly use Haggar (Double Lariat)/ Tron (Bonne Strike)/ Trish (Low Voltage).

I got to 6th lord with this team and of course just like my old team this team suffers much more against projectiles based characters, and so do you think this team has good synergy or something like that. Tips and any guidance is welcomed.

And for the record, this team has terrible synergy. Tron’s and Trish’s assists don’t help Haggar at all, Tron sucks, Trish should be on point or at least second, etc. It’s cool you got to 6th Lord with that but you can get away with a ton of things online that you shouldn’t in an offline environment.