If i held monthlies in toledo ohio would i get detroit, cleveland, columbus to show?

i would hold whatever game you guys like. Just may need help on setups.

I can get places to let me hold events here just i need some support

Hold it in Cle! haha. We just discovered a whole scene down here!

I would prob come if you got a bigger one together, but driving 2 h every month for SF is too much for me now :frowning: I’m old and lame.

I’ll talk to the guys who did the Cle tourney last Friday to see if they’re interested in holding SF monthlies here. They have good hardware, wanted to work with me already and did a good job running their first tourney. Surprisingly the library room was a really good venue too – it could sustain at least 2 fighting games, maybe 3 or 4 if the other two were small.

I saw your post in the Cle thread – we could probably sustain one, esp if we got your crew + C-bus + Pitt coming to some. Yeah, Cincy is way too far for all of us up north. it’s too bad cos Arcade Legends is so sweet

Awesome what games did they hold?